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Third Quarter

  • Third quarter is over and Bears got their usual output. Packers 41, Bears 10
  • Jaylon Johnson with a great hit on Lazard for an incompletion and then stood there trying to look like an intimidator when he could have been looking for the deflected pass, which fell a short distance away to the ground. Not smart football.
  • Three-and-out and Mooney comes up limping  on incompletion, Savage hurt for Packers on same play.
  • Most points allowed by the Bears defense this season now. That's 27 on the defense. They had given up 26 as a high before.
  • Rodgers beats Roquan Smith blitz for 39-yard TD to Robert Tonyan. Eddie Jackson totally faked out on the play. Jackson having a bad year. Packers 34, Bears 10
  • Trubisky with another pick to Darnell Savage with an open receiver shorter and three defenders around receiver. Good riddance to Mitchell after this year.
  • Packers in a rare long down-and-distance of second-and-20 after an incompletion. With a big lead, letting Rodgers throw deep makes no sense. They did it anyway and it's incomplete. No pressure on Rodgers either. Pack has to punt for the first time after a short pass. 
  • Jones starts attacking the middle again like at the start of the game. Daniel McCullers, Brent Urban and Roquan Smith taken out of the play. Then a run right and the Packers mug Mack but they get caught this time. Why worry about it now?
  • First drive dies with a sack as Charles Leno Jr. caves in. 
  • It's the Bears' quarter coming up. They've got seven this year from the offense in the third quarter.


  • Here is the obvious punch thrown in front of the ref that wasn't called. And neither were the two facemasks on one play.
  • Packers 5-for-6 on third down, 1-for-1 on fourth down, 3-for-3 in the red zone against the Chuck Pagano defense. Mitchell Trubisky with two turnovers. 

Second Quarter

  • Packers content with 17-point lead.
  • Khalil Mack hasn't been a factor.
  • Play-fake and 1-yard TD pass to Allen Robinson.  Packers 27, Bears 10
  • Third-down and goal pass incomplete but Cole Kmet is interferred with in the end zone. Now the problem is if they can score with 22 seconds left.
  • Montgomery turns a dump off to a reception to the 3.
  • Riley Ridley with a first down reception. He's playing instead of the fighter, Wims
  • Trubisky short-arms a pass on the run that should have been an easy completion for the first down. Third-and-1 at the 22.
  • A 9-yarder to the sideline to Mooney and Bears are at the Packers 22.
  • Maybe it's time for people to start getting on Chuck Pagano. His defensive style of bend but don't break isn't conducive to inflicting fear in a quarterback. Rodgers only plays poorly when he's afraid of getting hit.
  • Trubisky to Mooney stops the clock and Montgomery breaks inside for 9. Bears go no-huddle. He runs 2 yards for first down.
  • Trubisky practically has to have an invitation to scramble and does for a first down but looked like Bob Aveillini trying to run. Slow, slow, slow. 
  • Anthony Miller sighting! First-down catch on a ball that hung up too long, after a first down on a David Montgomery catch over the middle for a first down. 
  • Virginia went all the way up there for the game. Hope she's enjoying it.
  • Biggest Bears deficit of the season.
  • Trubisky should have been scrambling out of the pocket on that no-call sack but stayed in the pocket. He needs to start running.
  • Bears should just go to the bus at halftime. There's no point in playing. They have given up, and are overmatched. And they're not going to beat the Packers and the officials. Besides the missed double-face mask on the defensive score, the play before a Packers DB took a swing at Darnell Mooney's head when Mooney had the ball and there was no call, but there was a call on Leno for holding.
  • Leno holds on a completion. Now third-and-17. Trubisky sacked, fumbles and Preston Smith takes it in for the touchdown with 3:11 left in the second quarter.  Two players face masked Trubisky, right in the open, and the officials didn't call it. Packers 27, Bears 3
  • Mooney falls down and incomplete over the middle. Trubisky had two other shorter targets wide open. Wide open.
  • David Montgomery from the 25 gets 3 up the middle. 
  • If I'm Akiem Hicks' agent I'm calling Ryan Pace and demanding a new contract immediately for twice the money. If their defense looks this bad without him, he must be the MVP of the league.
  • Rodgers throws back to Lazard for the 3-yard TD to end a 13-play drive.  Packers 20, Bears 3.
  • Jones runs to the 3 and Bears defense looks like they did against Rams. They are accepting puniishment backpedaling.
  • Jones gets 5 as Kyle Fuller whiffs in the open field.
  • Look for a pass to whoever is matched up on Skrine. Tonyan the tight end beats the next-best sure thing, Trevathan. It's a first down at the Bears 14.
  • Rodgers tried to draw them offsides. He's only tried that 1,000 times against them. If it works,then they should cut the next Bears player to jump offsides when he does it.
  • Stopped a third down for the first time. Rodgers scrambled for 1. The Packers face fourth-and-2 at the 27
  • Third-and-3 coming for Packers after Danny Trevathan stops a run up the middle by Jones. 
  • Bears defense looks like it's gone into fetal position.
  • From the Packer 42 on second-and-4, St. Brown takes a jet sweep for the first down and gets creamed by Quinn but it came after he was the one fooled on the reverse.
  • Eddie Jackson jumps offside. What is a safety doing jumping offside? 
  • Not sure if it's Linsley being gone now with a knee injury or what but Bears run defense has stiffened. 
  • Lazard catches an 8-yarder going out of bounds. Burns Skrinie. Then Rodgers throws a dart on third-and-2 to Adams to beat Skrine for the first down.
  • Eddie Jackson gets back and breaks up a pass to wide-open Adams. How does their only real viable wide receiver get that open?
  • What on earth was he looking at to think Mooney could catch the pass? Two players on him and they had him bracketed. One would have had to fall for that play to go.
  • Robinson slanting with a big catch and run to the Packers 38. Then Trubisky has all kinds of time, play-action and Mooney is tightly covered and Trubisky throws the pick at the back of the end zone. So much for the new and improved Mitchell Trubisky.
  • Darnell Mooney holds on first down with a run by Cordarrelle Patterson for 4. Hate holding on wide receivers. They're not doing anything anyway. But Charles Leno Jr. gets back 5 by alertly moving after Packers' Kenny Clark jumps into neutral zone.
  • Play-action second-and-short for 20 to Allen Robinson. He went to the ground and could have easily had 5 more yards. 
  • Nice boot pass to Kmet for 8. He punishes the tacklers and Trubisky got him the ball quickly instead of waiting too long as he is prone to do.
  • Packers 2 of 2 in the red zone and 4 of 4 on third downs. So much for the Bears being best in the league at both of those on defense.
  • Packers at the 5, first down and Lewis on a play-action flip out of tight formation for an easy touchdown. Marcedes Lewis threw off Robert Quinn and Jaylon Johnson never went back to cover him. Packers 13, Bears 3

First Quarter

  • Jenkins at center and they run behind him for 2. First down toss. Danny Trevathan with his usual lack of ability to cover. But how could he be expected to cover Davante Adams. First down at the 5 as quarter ends. Packers 6, Bears 3.
  • Green Bay picked up the five-man rush easily and had four of the Bears on the turf. They're better off coming with four if that's all the better they can do. The pass rush has been largely lacking since the Tampa Bay game.
  • Blitz on third down fails again as Rodgers tucks and runs for the first down inside the 15. Packers center Corey Linsley hurt on the play. He was injured coming into this game. 
  • Bilal Nichols and Eddie Jackson have a run left diagnosed well for a TFL and let it go for a 2-yard gain.
  • Roughing the passer on Bilal Nichols. A terrible call but what's new. You can't look cross-eyed at Rodgers.
  • Packers get Adams isolated on Skrine again. It's a sure win every time because Buster can't keep up with a bigger receiver in the slot. An 8-yard gain and then aa 4-yard run by Aaron Jones for a first down.
  • Allen Robinson wanted more red-zone targets and couldn't come up with it. If he had just kept the ball up in the air by his head instead of bringing it out, and then stepped out of the back of the end zone, then it's a touchdown but it came down a bit and gave Packers a chance to deflect it. This was Robinson's eighth target in the red zone.  The rough play on that drive was Cole Kmet's drop. He was a yard from the end zone. 
  • Third-and-goal from the 9. Incomplete lob to A-Rob and Bears settle for a 27-yard Cairo Santos field goal. His 15th straight. Packers 6, Bears 3
  • Catch fumbled by Cole Kmet at the 1 but it appears he never had the ball.  Ruliing is incomplete.
  • Squb kick puts Bears at 32. On second down after a 3-yard catch by Allen Robnison, David Montgomery breaks up the middle between Sam Mustipher and Cody Whitehair a career-long 57 yards. Bears at the Packers 8. 
  • On last two touchdowns scored against the Bears, the PAT kick was missed. A drive of 7:38. Now we'll see how much any of the bye week self-scout helped, how much Mitchell Trubisky helps their running game, and how much a revamped line can do.
  • Bears went with a three-man rush and Rodgers had all day and threw a 12-yard TD pass to Adams between three defenders in a zone with 7:22 left in quarter. Crosby missed PAT wide right. Packers 6, Bears 0
  • Both Buster Skrine and Tashaun Gipson there as Davante Adams slips but pass came too soon to pick off. Third-and-10.
  • Nice penetration by Barkevious Mingo and Brent Urban on a first-down TFL of 1 yard. 
  • Only Bears hope on this one is if the red-zone defense bulls its neck. Robert Quinn with a stop for a 1-yard gain and Packers have third-and-1 and easily get first down on a 3-yard gain by Jones.
  • Can't figure why Packers are going outside. They go up the middle again and again no Hicks and a huge gain straight up the middle to the Bears 25.
  • Packers burn the Bears blitz in the A gap but Khalil Mack was held so blatantly you'd think a blind referee could have seen that. He was grabbed around the chest and thrown backward.
  • Good reaction on toss left by Buster Skrine to get outside and snuff it out after a yard. Packers testing the short stuff for now. Then Skrine with a nice open-field tackle on second down pass, forcing third-and-7.
  • First running play by Aaron Jones and with no Akiem Hicks it's a 16-yard gain on second down.
  • Packers from the 25 and pick up a first down on a tight end screen 
  • Touchback
  • The Bears received help in the wild-card chase as the Cardinals, Rams and Buccaneers all lost, but it would have been a complete day if the Panthers hadn't given away a game at Minnesota. A win over Green Bay ties the Bears for the final wild-card spot with a 6-5 record.

Defensive end Akiem Hicks will be inactive. The Bears also have a shuffle on the offensive line as a result of injuries just when it looked like they were going to get a little bit of continuity to the play up front with players getting healthy. Guard and tackle Rashaad Coward is out of the lineup. Right guard Germain Ifedi moved to right tackle, a position where he struggled greatly in Seattle. Center Cody Whitehair is playing left guard. Sam Mustipher is healthy after a knee injury and takes over at center. Charles Leno Jr. had a toe injury during the week but will play. Alex Bars is the riight guard tonight. Another start at a new position for Bars, who actually is a left guard but has started at center and right guard now.

The Packers are not missing starters on offense. Center Corey Linsley (back) and WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling (Achilles) had been questionable but will play.

Mitchell Trubisky makes his first start since Week 3 and the Bears attempt to win at Lambeau Field for the first time since they spoiled Brett Favre Day with a 17-13 win in 2016



  • QB Nick Foles
  • DB Sherrick McManis
  • G/T Lachavious Simmons
  • WR Javon Wims
  • DE Akiem Hicks
  • TwLB Trevis Gipson


  • QB Jordan Love
  • RB Tyler Ervin
  • CB Josh Jackson
  • LB Jonathan Garvin

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