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Fourth Quarter

  • See our prediction for the game (23-13 Packers). Sorry, I missed by a point on both sides.
  • Packers killing clock now. 
  • Great effort from Fields, just lacks the experience yet with 16 of 27 for 174 yards in only his fourth start.
  • Rodgers caught on tape yelling "I still own you! I still own you!" after his TD run. Typical behavior from him. How's your family doing Aaron?
  • Clark sacks Fields again.
  • Fields sacked by Clark and loses the ball but regains it. Appeared ground caused it anyway. Packers call timeout with 3:12 left. Bears still have all three of their timeouts and Packers have one left.
  • Bears called for James Daniels being downfield too far on a completion. First-and-15 at Packers 47 and Fields sends a laser low to Mooney for a first down at the Packers 32.
  • Bad Packers special teams surface again. Kylin Hill unsportsmanlike for being a punk at the end of an Artavis Pierce return and the Bears aree at the 42. 
  • Jones plows for  7 right where Hicks normally is, but Angelo Blackson was playing there.  Rodgers then scrambles for the 6-yard touchdown and gets nailed near the goal line by Eddie Jackson, who bought his lame fake well after he wasn't going to pass it to anyone. Packers 24, Bears 14
  • An 8-yard boot pass to Marcedes Lewis lets the clock keep running, too.
  • Adams catches a long pass cutting across the defense and out of bounds at the Bears 21. The 41-yarder is devastating but could have been a killer if he hadn't stepped out. Rodgers waited for Adams to clear the zone coverage and had enough time on that pass to get it off. 
  • Rodgers flushed out by Eddie Goldman and Robert Quinn, throws it away and nearly a pick to Eddie Jackson. If it had floated a bit more Jackson could have reached it.
  • On second down Rodgers play-action slant to Lazard for 13.
  • Standing room only crowd today. The attendance of 62,332 is more than the capacity of 61,500.
  • Deon Bush has left with a quad injury and his return is doubtful.
  • Fields made that drive with his arm and his willingness to run, but it started with Herbert's runs having the attention of the Packers. Bears need to remember what play-action and the threat of the run can do.
  • Mooney comes wide open over the middle for a 5-yard TD pass. Second TD pass of Fields' career. Still 8:44 remaining.  Ten plays, 80 yards, 6:16 on drive. Packers 17, Bears 14.
  • Fields comes back with a toss to Robinson for 8 out of bounds at the 18. Kmet hauls one in over the middle at the 9 before a big hit in the back. Better check his spleen on that one. Big hit. Third-and-2 at the 8. Fields gets 3 to the 5 for a first down.
  • A 16-yard beautiful cut and TD run by Herbert negated by a holding call on Sam Mustipher. Replay shown  and stadium booing. For good reason. There wasn't even much of a block thrown by Mustipher let alone a hold. 
  • Herbert slips on his cut and gets just a yard.  Then Fields runs bootleg pass and nothing there, turns and runs across the field for 14. Bears at the 16 of Green Bay.
  • Fantastic scramble and throw to Allen Robinson for the first down and 20 yards in the middle of the zone. Fields could have tried to run for it but opted to throw. Then he hits Kmet slanting for 20 at Packers 31.
  • Bears still patient. Herbert for 6 off left tackle on first down. Then he adds another up the middle on second down and the clock is running Bill Lazor.

Third Quarter

  • Quarter ends on a tremendous punt of 82 yards that was allowed by Grant to go over his head for a touchback. Flags have wind going the other way, too. Quarter ends. Packers 17, Bears 7
  • All week the Bears defense talked about how when an opportunity knocks for a turnover, they have to make it because  Rodgers never makes many mistakes. He just made one and Alec Ogletree could have picked off a late, high throw for Tonyan and didn't get it. On third down Hicks with the sack.
  • After a 14-yard gain on a pick play that was illegal but allowed by officials, Dillon is  stopped for a yard by Roquan Smith.  Again Hicks is not on field.
  • Packers start at the 13 with 10-point lead and 2:25 left in the quarter. Rodgers gets greedy and tries to throw deep to Lazard but Kindle Vildor is stride for stride and it's an overthrow.
  • Bears offense can move it briefly but can't sustain anything. They lack the number of playmakers they need. For instance, Damiere Byrd hasn't done anything since the opener and they finally get him involved with a receiver screen. It appeared to set up well too. He dropped it. Well thrown right to him. Once again, this group of receivers is underachieving from Goodwin to Byrd to Breshad Perriman, who hasn't been active yet. They sure could have used Cordarrelle Patterson if this was the plan.
  • Fields and Herbert move the Bears into Packers territory but again it bogs down at the 40 of the Packers.
  • Play-action flip out of the backfield to Jones and Sam Kamara is the one caught out in coverage. He's basically a lineman converted to linebacker. Then Tashaun Gipson gets straight armed by Jones on a short pass that goes for a 12-yard TD. Gipson had the play sniffed out and was there to stop it but didn't make the tackle and there was no one behind him. Packers 17, Bears 7
  • Josiah Deguara catches a flip to the sideline for 4 on first down, then Jones for 5 up the middle.
  • Boot pass for 9 to Tonyan at Bears 32. Another play resulting from their ability to run earlier. Packers get the first down on a 1-yard run at 31 by Dillon.
  • Third-down pass interference on Jaylon Johnson after incompletion. A 4-yarder on a slant.
  • A 5-yard run by Jones sets up third-and-4. 
  • Jones straight up the middle for 28 yards to the 49. The running game continuing to hurt the Bears. And this time Hicks is on the field.
  • Savage is being evaluated for a concussion for Green Bay.
  • Packers edge rusher Preston Smith out with an oblique muscle injury, and his return is questionable. Their center, Myers, is out with a knee injury.
  • Packers starting at their 10-yard line after the punt. The screen dropped by Herbert wasn't the greatest throw by Fields, low but catchable.
  • Herbert gains 4 on first down but then has a big play waiting with a screen and he dropped it. Had possibly 10 yards or more if he catches it. Fields then scrambles forward for 2 yards and Bears have to punt.
  • Darnell Savage injured on first play after Herbert ran through a gaping hole for 13 yards.
  • Bears start at their 28 after another good return from Grant, who is over his ankle problems.


Bears have been outrushed 81-63 yards even after their fast start on the ground and defending the run. Then Rodgers took advantage of that rushing to get the passing game going. 

Fields has to show more awareness of field position at end of the half. The long pass that was incomplete that Adrian Amos caught out of bounds and the sack he took are not plays he can make when the Bears are on the edge of field goal range at the Green Bay 33. They could have run on second or third down and picked up a few more yards for Cairo Santos to try a 50- or 49-yard kick. It looked like they were out of control at the end of that drive. 

Second Quarter

  • Ball downed at the 5 by Deon Bush with 11 seconds left. No doubt the Bears would love to see them put it up here and risk a safety. Half ends. Packers 10, Bears  7
  • Packers call timeout with 20 seconds left for some reason. Bears are punting. 
  • On third-and-8 Fields tries to set motion and appeared to signal for timeout, none was given and they get a delay-of-game penalty. Then Fields is sacked well out of field goal range, borderline horse collar. 
  • Herbert runs for 2, then Fields threw deep and it appeared Adrian Amos didn't get two feet down as he intercepted in the end zone. The Bears need to get this worked out on the scramble drill. The receivers don't understand to run as deep as they can. Allen Robinson just pulled up and the ball sailed clear to the back of the end zone.  Play was reviewed but stood as incompletion.
  •  Marquise Goodwin more active today, as his 12-yarder going out of bounds shows. Fields scrambles and Bears flagged for holding on James Daniels but a cheap shot at the end on a Fields slide. Rasul Douglas had the cheap hit and the offsetting penalties result in a do-over from the Packers 35.
  • A Herbert run on a draw on second down for 3 and then Fields finds Kmet over the middle for 3. 
  • Halftime will be the annual mascots flag football game. They need to bring back Scooby, the little dog they had at last home game and forget these guys hiding from the public behind mascot masks.
  • The Green Bay running game started to materialize after being a non-factor and it helped the Packers get out of the early hole. You'd better have a running game if you're using a run-based passing game like the Packers do. 
  • Allen Robinson for a 5-yard out on the sideline. TWO-MINUTE WARNING!!!!
  • Green Bay defensive front doing a better job of stacking up the run now. Herbert gets 3 on first down. Fields scrambles for a first down on second down to the 42.
  • Packers go with a short flip to Adams for 5, apparently satisfied to accept a field goal. Mason Crosby hits from 39 yards with 4:09 left in the quarter. A seven-play, 38-yard drive. Packers 10, Bears 7

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  • Bears call timeout before snap on third-and-goal at the 25. They have one timeout left.
  • Rodgers thought he had a TD pass to St. Brown, ruled complete for a touchdown but he shoved off badly at the back of the end zone for offensive interference.
  • A loss of 4 on run by Dillon jammed up by Quinn and Rodgers is about to be sacked by Mack and throws it away. Rodgers and Mack jawing at each other afterward but Mack made no contact.
  • Screen to Jones for 11 yards to the Bears 9. Nichols appeared to have it disrupted but no support from linebackers.
  • Hicks out of game and Dillon breaks a long run past Bilal Nichols to Bears 22. Not sure if they're watching Hicks' snaps or he aggravated the groin. He left, came back, left again. 
  • Bears three-and-out and some dirty play along the sidelines by Green Bay as Fields is sacked but they don't let go of his leg after driving him out of bounds. Fields not happy about it
  • Shovel pass to Lazard for a 1-yard TD. With 9:59 left in second quarter. Ending a 12-play drive. Bears 7, Packers 7
  • A 9-yard run by Jones to the Bears 9 right up the middle. First time they've had that much clearance for him to run. 
  • After all that Rodgers sneaks for the first down anyway. At Green Bay 46. Mack stuffs first-down run by Jones. No gain.  And as I said it takes Rodgers one play. They hit a slant by Adams for 32 yards with Jaylon Johnson nowhere near him 
  • It took officials forever and then the Bears won the challenge but somehow they had called timeout and have to give up the timeout. This one makes no sense.
  • It's just surprising so far the Bears offensive line has been able to do what it has because of the fact they're down a tackle and haven't been able to throw much. Green Bay should be able to crowd the line.
  • At the 38 for Green Bay, a nice flip to Tonyan for an apparent first down but now it's Bears who challenge and they have a reason to. He is obviously down half a yard short.

First Quarter 

  • Bears have to like how this looks so far on the line of scrimmage but it only takes Rodgers one throw usually.
  • Jones runs around end, cuts back and fails to gain at the 35. Then Eddie Jackson with a big tackle after a 3-yard gain, threw Jones down OB. Quarter ends. Bears 7, Packers 0
  • Rodgers hit and throws incomplete. Mario Edwards Jr. gets another unsportsmanlike penalty for standing over Aaron Rodgers. But no call on Packers linemen from coming up and hitting him from behind for doing it. First down Green Bay.
  • Fields thinks he has a free play with Packers caught offsides, throws deep and Darnell Savage picks it off in the end zone. No flag. Officials missed it, as they usually do when it's Green Bay, the second-least penalized team in the NFL.
  • At the 50, Mooney can't get open on first down and then he catches a short pass but walks off limping after a 3-yard gain.
  • Looks like a first down on the replay. He only needed the 50. Packers lose the timeout for a poor decision to challenge that.
  • The injury to Grant is his ankle. He is questionable to return. Maybe Mooney on punt returns?
  • Fields scrambles up the middle after a pump fake for 4 and the Bears gambled on fourth-and-1 like they did against Packers last January and Herbert picks it up. The Packers challenge the call but it looked pretty obvious he made it.
  • More Herbert for 5 off left guard. They're getting good push. But Fields overthrows Mooney on a sideline route that wasn't even open on second down.
  • Kenny Clark hurt now on a brilliant run by Khalil Herbert off left side. Clark walks off. Herbert stopped on right side, turned to left side and took off for a 27-yard run. His longest run as a Bear.
  • Bears called for holding and Jakeem Grant is injured on the return. The Bears have the worst luck with return guys and their health. He had a groin injury coming into the game. He walked off slowly with medical people to the locker room. Bears will start at their 13 after the penalty for illegal block.
  • Rodgers forced out of pocket dumps it down to Robert Tonyan and Packers punt. Flags fly everywhere on punt return.
  • Another sack, this time Quinn from blind side beat Jenkins handily.
  • Akiem Hicks fought off a double team to make a tackle after 3-yard gain.
  • Packers return team is bad but I don't know I've seen a return team refuse to return a kick 1 yard deep. That's pretty lame.
  • Herbert knifes in off right tackle for the 1-yard TD with 6:45 left in the quarter to end an 80-yard drive for eight plays. Bears 7, Packers 0
  • Marquise Goodwin draws the PI at the 1. Isaac Yiadom knocked him down from behind. But first-down trick pitch to Cole Kmet goes nowhere.
  • The Bears get back 11 and set up third-and-3 with a laser pass to Mooney going OB and Fields finds Allen Robinson on a sideline jump ball for 20 yards to the Packers 27.
  • First down on two Herbert runs, one behind Peters for 9, then a beautifully executed boot pass to Kmet to the 45 but then a fumbled snap for a 4-yard loss puts Bears behind the chains.
  • Jakeem Grant is going to scare the daylights out of people. Made an 11-yard punt return from inside the 10 when he was completely surrounded and hadn't called fair catch. But it worked for better field position at the 20. R
  • Packers facing a third-and-10 after a deep ball down sidelines to Adams was overthrown and Khalil Mack comes up with his sixth sack.  Bears will lget the ball back after a 9-yard loss.
  • Allen Lazard slanting in the zone and Packers have 13 to the Bears 36. Quick pass. Then the Packers try to do something not advisable and run at Akiem Hicks and lose a half yard.  Packers center Josh Myers is hurt on the play and he just got back from an injury today. They'll go with Lucas Patrick at center. He started twice for them with Myers hurt. 
  • Rodgers runs down right sideline and no one is home. He gets 16 to Packers 45. Jones cuts off left tackle for 6 on first down to Bears 49. Nice short cut around Jenkins.
  • Offsides on Robert Quinn first play. Lots of finger pointing on both sides. First officials in were calling false start but changed their minds.
  • Kylin Hill gets to the 24 after fielding it at the 1. Packers coverage units and return units not the best.
  • Bears defer and kick off.


It's unusual seeing the Packers here with their green jerseys. But the Bears' wearing those 1930s style uniforms today with the white jersey. Those are solid uniforms. Those striped helmets don't translate to this century. 

Everyone's going. Akiem Hicks, Allen Robinson and Khalil Mack are playing despite being questionable, and Packers tackle Elgton Jenkins is also playing.



QB Nick Foles

WR Breshad Perriman

CB Artie Burns

TE J.P. Holtz

LB Caleb Johnson

NT Khyiris Tonga


CB Kevin King

S Vernon Scott

LB Isaiah McDuffie

T Dennis Kelly

DL Jack Heflin

Good luck to the Sky in trying to lock up title today. Someone gave Justin the right baseball hat I see.

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