Ticket Prices for Bears Games to Increase by 3.9%

Gene Chamberlain

The bad news for Bears fans is they missed the playoffs and finished 8-8 after a 12-4 season.

The worse news is going forward they get to pay more for their tickets.

The Bears sent out letters to season-ticket holders Friday to announce a hike in ticket prices in 2020 averaging 3.9%.

Non-club level tickets will increase by 4.3%.

The total range in increases is from 1.6% to 5.3% with club seats increasing between 3.3% and 4.3%.

No longer will tickets be sold at the same price for all games. The same individual seats will vary in price from game to game according to the quality of the game.

Next season the Bears play home games against their three division opponents, as well as Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay and the New YorK Giants.

Last year, the Bears announced a 4% increase at the beginning of February, so the hike is similar.

However, in three of the previous five seasons they had frozen the cost of tickets.

Soldier Field this year will have the smallest seating capacity in the NFL. 

The Raiders formerly had the smallest seating capacity, but they are moving to Las Vegas next season to a new stadium. The Chargers had been playing temporarily in a soccer stadium with a much smaller capacity but they and the Rams will move into a brand new stadium in Los Angeles next season.

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