Chicago Bears Live Blog | Bears 17, Giants 13 FINAL

Gene Chamberlain

Fourth Quarter  

  • Incomplete at the goal line to Tate. And Tate pushed off on Eddie Jackson to get open but was called for the penalty, ending the game. Bears 17, Giants 13 Final
  • Jones to Lewis, runs OB at 10. Kind of a wasted play. This should be last play. At the 10.
  • Jones complete to Slayton for 2 yards. Then spikes it. There are eight seconds remaining. Ball is at the 14.
  • Jones comlete to Board at the 16, a yard from the first down. Fourth and 1 at the Bears 17. There are 21 seconds left. 
  • Clock killed. Then incomplete pass to Slayton at sideline against Fuller. Giants face third-and-10 at the 26. There are 26 seconds left.
  • Giants at the 26 of the Bears with 31 seconds left after completion of 6 yards
  • Reversal. Fourth and 4 at the 32. Ball ruled down at the 32. Clock running with 48 seconds left.
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