Matt Nagy's Lean Is Definitely Toward        Mitchell Trubisky

Bears coach finds no reason to keep from starting Trubisky based on Sunday night's loss but refuses to commit at this point.

 Bears coach Matt Nagy will take the same approach toward naming his quarterback starter as last week, although the lean this time definitely looks much greater toward Mitchell Trubisky than it did early last week.

Nagy's not revealing yet who he'll entrust with the football to stop a five-game losing streak against the 4-7 Detroit Lions at Soldier Field Sunday, although he thought film review showed a decent effort by Mitchell Trubisky. As a result, he seems to be leaning toward Trubisky starting over Nick Foles.

"I'm not there yet," Nagy said. "I think for us I've got again to see where Nick's at and we want to just continue to just keep evaluating. I thought that Mitch did a good job.

"I would probably prep for that but I again we just want to, I've got to see where Nick's at and keep talking with Mitch. But I thought personally that from what he played and how he played yesterday in the situation that we were in, I don't see why not."

Trubisky threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, the first time the Bears have had three turnovers since Trubisky's last start against the Packers in Week 15 last year. However, the running game worked better with Trubisky on the field than it had with Foles.

The Bears ran for 122 yards, the most they've gained since beating Atlanta in Week 3. They have run for more than 100 yards in all four of Trubisky's starts this season but in none of Foles' starts.

Trubisky had said after the game he wasn't sure iif he had actually done enough to win back the starting quarterback spot.

"So is there good in there?" Nagy asked rhetorically about Trubisky. "Yeah there's good. He made some great third-down throws for first downs. He made a great fourth-down throw, you know, the touchdown at the end of the second quarter was a hell of a decision and a great athletic play that he threw to A-Rob. He used his cadence, he made some good progressions.

"Were there other things in the game that he can get better at? Absolutely. Progession-wise can he be better in certain spots yeah. But for us what happens is this, is if you're going to get behind like we did and be in a drop-back game for as long as we were in it it's hard, it's not easy."

Trubisky went 26 of 46 for 242 yards with pair of interceptions and three touchdown throws. His two interceptions and a decision to step out of bounds for a sack instead of throwing the ball seemed to refute the thought he had a strong game.

Passing game coordinator Dave Ragone said the deep interception in the end zone was one Trubisky had to commit to quickly and Darnell Savage simply made a good decision on his own to get back deeper.

"The reality though is when you’re playing that position the minute you let go of that ball it’s out of your control," Ragone said. "And unfortunately on some plays last night when Mitchell let it go it just didn’t work out for him.

The sack Tribusky took couldn't be defended, said quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo. Trubisky was at the sideline and has to throw away the ball if he can find no one open as he's buying time.

"I mean that’s obviously something we covered on the field and talked about," DeFilippo said. "Obviously that can’t happen and Mitch got a little confused on the run where he was at on the field. That was what happened there.”

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