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James Daniels Amid Center of Controversy With Iowa

Bears guard/center James Daniels inspired some former Iowa players and Iowa students and alums to take to Twitter with support or stories of racial injustice involving the school's football program and one assistant coach

Bears guard/center James Daniels on Friday evening was involved in a social media explosion about his old school and the football program's alleged mistreatment of black players.

Daniels, who has been in the NFL the past two seasons, took to Twitter with a charge of racism.

"There are too many racial disparities in the Iowa football program," Daniels Tweeted. "Black players have been treated unfairly for far too long."

What ensued was a long line of Iowa players or those affiliated with the program agreeing and a letter from the school.

In general, there were plenty of charges and support given to Daniels and black players forcing change at Iowa.

There were a few people speaking against.

There a few specific charges of racism given, most against one coach.

In one instance, a person who said he was a walk-on at Iowa said a coach told him while rehabbing a back injury that he should take up rowing. The Tweeter then said the coach told him "Oh wait Black people don't like boats in water do they??"

The same coach was depicted with racist behavior in other Tweets.

Another coach was also described as saying something insensitive.

Another Tweet said coaches called him into the office to tell him his tattoos weren't "Iowa culture" or the "Iowa way."

Another Tweet posted a chart showing Iowa was 60th in percentage of black male athletes' graduation rate, at 40%.

One Twitter who said he was a former player said coaches kicked him out of workouts because his shoes weren't properly tied and another Tweeter reminded him the coaches had kicked him out of workouts because only half of his hair was braided.

Daniels seemed to indicate the talk can lead to solutions.

Daniels was a center and a guard for the Hawkeyes. He was a guard for the Bears in 2018 and last year was tried at center and then moved back to guard. He left Iowa in 2018 and later obtained his degree from the school.



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