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Bears Say So Long to Doug Kramer, for Now

The Bears have made their first roster cuts and it included several injured players but one of them has landed on injured reserve.

Doug Kramer's ability to step in and practice with the first team at times has been a pleasant surprise at Bears camp.

Now they won't see the former Illinois lineman for a while, if at all this year, as he has suffered a lower leg injury severe enough that the team put him on injured reserve. 

This could allow them to bring Kramer back at a later date if it's not too severe, but the Tribune's Brad Biggs reported the Bears fear it's a lisfranc injury to the foot, which likely would be season-ending. For now Sam Mustipher is the acting starting center and the backup to Lucas Patrick when the former Packers lineman is able to return from a thumb injury in either late preseason or early regular season.

Dieter Eiselen would be the backup in preseason until Patrick returns.

The Bears also made three more roster cuts as they got down to the 85-man limit, waiving/injured three players who suffered injuries in Saturday's preseason opener.

Defensive back Michael Joseph, defensive back Jayson Stanley and linebacker Javin White were the players who left that game and are now on waivers. Joseph had a hamstring injury and the other two knee injuries.

Eberflus said earlier in the day he planned to talk to players who are cut. It's the first time he's had to make such cuts as a head coach.

"Yeah, I think it's important to do that because you're building relationships with everybody and you're coaching everybody," Eberflus said. "So I think out of respect to everybody for their hard work and their attention and buying into the systems and going out there and working hard, I think that's respectful to do that."

Those fortunate to be among the 85 will go to Seattle Wednesday for Thursday's game and the plan is not to use starters more in the second preseason game. Apparently the Bears will use the preseason finale with Cleveland to do a bit of a dress rehearsal.

"Now, in terms of playing time for these guys, we plan on playing our ones," Eberflus said. "They're going to be out there and again, like I said last time, it's individual basis. And it's a little bit shorter this time, because it's a short week, so we're not going to put the stress on the bodies, but we're going to go six to 10 plays depending on a series or two, with a limited number of guys.

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"And then other guys might get 20 plays, and we'll yank them from there. And then the young guys get, will get a lot of reps. And that's why if you saw practice today, at the end of practice, it was all (first team) practicing, because those guys are getting limited reps in the game. And then now what we're gonna do with those twos, we got them off their legs. They only really had half a practice today."

They'll be going on only two practices and short rest since their last preseason game. So Justin Fields and the first-team offense might get two series or just one depending on its length.

Among the players who might get extended playing time is Teven Jenkins, who moved from right tackle to right guard behind Michael Schofield, and can use the reps. 

Jenkins actually got first-team reps at Tuesday's last practice before Thursday's game, ahead of Schofield.

"He's big and strong and things happen quicker," Bears offensive line coach Chris Morgan said. "There are more moving pieces sometimes on the inside. Luke (Getsy) talked about the mental stress on guards in this system and (Jenkins has) got a opp and we're excited to see, get a look at it and see what everything looks like.

"We're going to play the best five guys, whatever combination that is. He definitely has those attributes."

Also, Eberflus confirmed top draft pick Kyler Gordon, their cornerback who missed the first preseason game with an injury, will play in this one.

"With Kyler and I think I said it before the last game, we’e getting a lot of guys back," Eberflus said. "So we’re excited to see a lot of players that we didn’t get a chance to see in the first game. So this is their first performance. 

"I told the guys, we’re only judged by our last performance. The only thing that matters is the. Next performance. For those guys, like Kyler it’s their first performance in the lights and he’s going back, it’s kind of a homecoming for him (as a Washington player) so he’s really excited about it. He’s going to get his plays in. We’re excited to see where he is when he performs out there at his position."

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