No Sale: Bears Weren't Sold But Twitter Was Hacked

Gene Chamberlain

The Bears haven't been sold to someone from Saudi Arabia, even if some fans wish it to be true.

Neither Virginia McCaskey nor her son George have signed off on anything. It was all a hoax.

The team's Twitter account was hacked Sunday morning with an annoucement the McCaskey family had sold the Bears to Turki Al-Sheikh of Saudi Arabia.

The hack was confirmed by the Bears and they immediately went about trying to correct the situation.

OurMine was the group doing the hacking and then bragged about it with a tweet using the Bears' account, saying they did it to "announce that we are back" and "show people that everything is hackable."

They sent out several additional tweets with their website and contact information.

Soon after the tweets were removed, there was a retweet from Pride of Detroit by Lions fans asking if they would trade Khalil Mack for a sixth-rounder.

Shortly thereafter the Bears had control of their website again and had all of the posts removed.

Turki Al-Sheikh is an actual person, a royal adviser with the rank of minster. He is chairman of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation and chairman of the General Authority for Entertainment in Saudi Arabia and has worked in the interior ministry.

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