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Matt Nagy: Better Sooner Than Later on QB Decision

Matt Nagy doesn't care much about gamesmanship when it comes to fooling opponents about which quarterback will start, but does care that they know as soon as possible so preparation can begin for Detroit.

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy has seen all the practices he's going to see before deciding on a starting quarterback.

Mitchell Trubisky and Nick Foles will find out soon which starts on Sept. 13 at Ford Field against the Detroit Lions.

"You're 100 percent not going to satisfy everybody," Nagy said. "That's not going to happen. But that's why they go ahead and they put me in a role to make decisions, and myself, I put others in rules to help me make decisions."

Nagy, offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo and passing game coordinator Dave Ragone will be looking at film and coming up with a winner, and it's possible the announcement will come soon.

The Bears have a light practice scheduled for Sunday and Nagy wouldn't rule out making the announcement about the quarterback to his team then.

"There is one part of it where you could say 'well there is gamesmanship and it hurts Detroit to not know who it is,' but there is another side to it where you just say 'you know what? It's hurting yourself if you do that and you need to be able to make a decision to help both of these quarterbacks' and not to mention help our staff, as well."

If the Lions didn't know who the quarterback would be until Sunday, it could make a difference. Trubisky is a more mobile quarterback and Foles a classic pocket passer.

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"But we also know that time is of the essence and the longer that things string out, the harder it is for these quarterbacks, the harder it is for our team and I think that has to carry some heavy weight as well," Nagy said. "We're looking at it from all angles and we want to make sure we make the right decision at the right time."

Nagy laid out several criteria he and assistants will use for determining the winner.

"You always start with decision-making and accuracy," Nagy said. "In our opinion, too, there is situational football involved. Those are probably the top three that we look at.

"And then how did they perform in training camp, how did they handle certain situations, and both of them we thought did well."

One the decision is announced, Nagy doesn't anticipate problems within the team.

"The first people that need to find out are the quarterbacks," Nagy said. "That will be a discussion I have with them and they're always going to get me shooting straight from the hip."

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