Enough With the Negative Outsiders Say Bears

Gene Chamberlain

One week quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was watching the replay of the televised Bears game to try and improve his body language.

A week later he has no use for TVs in his place of work as he gets ready to play the Detroit Lions. Talk about irony.

A few losses into this four-game losing streak coach Matt Nagy suggested his team wear ear muffs and horse blinders to keep from receiving big dose of negative media and fan talk. Trubisky took this one further Wednesday by saying he'd like the countless televisions throughout Halas Hall shut down.

"Trying to get some of these TVs in the building turned off because you've got too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us — what we should do, what we are and what we're not — but they don't really know who we are or what we're capable of as people or what we're going through or what we're thinking,"  Trubisky said. "It's just the outside viewers looking in." 

Taking it in a different message direction, wide receivers Anthony Miller and Taylor Gabriel admitted it's tough to stay off social media and it's all negative now.

"Stay off the phone, stay off social media, but at the same time that's hard to do because you know what I mean, now-a-days everybody is on social media," Gabriel said. "It's just staying focused and playing through that."

Miller said he has stopped paying attention to social media.

"It's not something that bothers me," he said. "I learned that's a waste of time. There's bigger things to focus on."

The biggest negative message the Bears receive will happen in Soldier Field Sunday, in the form of boos from their own fans if they have trouble with the Detroit Lions.

Safety Eddie Jackson has already made a few derogatory comments about fan negativity in this form.

With all the negativity flowing in, it's up to team leaders to keep players from being dragged down.

"Just bringing everyone together and continue having that belief that we're going to break through eventually so just keep working, keep chopping away at it, keep coming to work every day with a positive mindset," Trubisky said. "Go out and work even harder, and when we get to game day, make sure that everyone’s on the same page so we can execute, do our jobs and get out of this slump we're going through."