How the Bears Could Trade Up into Round 1 for a QB

Gene Chamberlain

Jordan Love on Monday at the NFL combine came out the big winner in measurements, if there is such a thing.

Love's stock seemed to be rising already based on mock drafts and he came in with the biggest hand size among quarterbacks, measured at 10 1/2 inches, while standing 6-3 3/4 and weighing 224 pounds.

Hand size is a great asset for passers, although Love's erratic record at Utah State still counts against him.

Various mock drafts have put Love into the end of Round 1. If the Bears thought enough of him to try to acquire an athletic quarterback who can run an RPO attack it could be possible in a trade to get up into Round 1.

Two second-round picks definitely could get a team into the end of Round 1 as long as they're not late second-rounders. The Bears are at 43 and 50 overall, so it could get them somewhere near the end of the first round but not too much higher.

There have been numerous examples of teams moving back up into Round 1 by dealing second-round picks plus other picks over the past three seasons.

The most recent was last year when three teams moved up into the end of Round 1.

Washington moved up to draft Montez Sweat with the 26th pick and gave up the 46th pick as well as a 2020 second-round pick to the Colts, and after a horrible season that 2020 second rounder wound up being the second pick of the second round.

The Giants moved up to No. 30 last year and had to give the Seahawks the 37th pick, as well as the 132nd in Round 4 and the 142nd in Round 5.

Finally, the Falcons jumped up to get the 31st pick and also received a sixth-rounder while giving the Rams the 45th pick in Round 2 and the 79th pick in Round 3.

The most important example in recent years is how the Ravens traded up from No. 52 in Round 2 and tossed in a fourth-rounder and also a second-round pick from 2019 to take Lamar Jackson with the final pick of Round 1.

It doesn't always work so well, obviously. In 2017 the 49ers gave up No. 34 in Round 2 as well as a fourth-rounder to move up just three spots to No. 31 in Round 1 and draft Reuben Foster, who ended up being suspended two games for a weapons offense and misdemeanor drug violation, then facing domestic violence charges before being waived. He ended up being claimed by Washington.

Beyond the compensation for moving up, there's also the added salary cost for Round 1 players.

So the price is heavy but it's one the Bears could afford to pay if they found themselves in "love" with a quarterback or any other player at the end of Round 1.

Considering how few draft picks they've had since trading for Khalil Mack in 2018 and trading up to select Mitchell Trubisky in 2017, it would seem more picks would be coveted over one late Round 1 pick. 

Nevertheless, stranger things involving trades have happened to the Bears on draft day.

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I don't think Pace's ego would allow him to do it. That would mean admitting a mistake. He's too arrogant to do that. Most GM's talk to the media during the season, he doesn't.

No. 1-2

Anything for a young quarterback I'm all for. I don't want this used up garbage the other teams are hoisting on us. Get a rookie in here and get him ready to take over once they finally see mitch cant get it done. This Love kid kind of rotted out the place last year but I think they weren't a very good team then. maybe he'd be better in the pros. Not too keen on Georgia's QB or the kid from Oklahoma though