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Why Another QB for Camp Roster Couldn't Hurt Bears

Numerous options are available who might be better in case of disaster for the Bears than using Tyler Bray

The San Francisco 49ers signed quarterback Broc Rutter from North Central College in Naperville, Ill. and gave him a signing bonus.

OK, it was $279 but at least they signed him.

The Kansas City Chiefs signed Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson Sunday to a free agent contract.

Angry about how the Packers ignored their wide receiver need to draft Jordan Love, many of their fans vented on social media during the draft. But at least their team was thinking about the future at this position.

The Bears?

Mitchell Trubisky has his fifth-year option declined, Nick Foles has a contract that lets him leave after one or two years if he meets unspecified criteria, and what is their plan of succession if neither of the two are here in the near future? 

Tyler Bray?

The Bears didn't draft a quarterback. They thought they needed both Arlington Hambright and Lachavious Simmons more than they needed James Madison quarterback Ben DiNucci, so they left him alone and Dallas drafted him four picks after Chicago's final pick

"It just has to align for us," general manager Ryan Pace said when the draft concluded. "Every draft, different positions, there are strengths and weaknesses. But for us to take any position, it just has to align for us the right way."

By align, Pace means the picks on their draft board have to match up with when they select, to avoid reaching for questionable talent at need positions. 

But we're talking the seventh round, and the Bears have only had one sixth- or seventh-rounder even start a single game since Pace has drafted. He's still only drafted one quarterback.

"That's how the board fell but we do have confidence in our quarterbacks, you know, from Mitch to Nick and to Tyler Bray, we have confidence in our quarterbacks and we’re looking forward to that," Pace said. "But I think the board fell a certain way. We have to be disciplined with it and that's just the way it played out."

The draft is one thing. The trouble is, they've not brought in an undrafted free agent quarterback, either.

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It was easy to understand why they didn't draft a passer when someone as fast as Darnell Mooney was available, and you can never get enough pass rushers so Trevis Gipson was definitely worthwhile in Round 5. Many mock drafts had him going in Round 4.

However, they needed a second cornerback in this draft more than a quarterback so they took Kindle Vildor at No. 163? 

Washington State's Anthony Gordon had one of the quickest releases of any quarterback in this draft, maybe even faster than Joe Burrow, went undrafted and the Bears still didn't sign him.

Utah State's Tyler Huntley went undrafted and signed with Baltimore. They had the chance to bring in a quarterback named J. Love. That's Josh Love from San Jose State, not the new Packers QB.

There are still quarterbacks out there, like Missouri's Kelly Bryant, who actually played three seasons at Clemson and in the national semifinals the year before Clemson won the national title. Signing Bryant, the predecessor, is about as close as the Bears are ever going to get to Trevor Lawrence, the 2021 first pick of the draft..

The Bears were at the pro day for Jacob Knipp from Northern Colorado, according to The Draft Network. He's still unsigned.

There's the Flaccos, Towson State's Tom, and his older brother Joe, the former Ravens and Broncos quarterbacks. Both brothers are without teams.

For that matter, there's plenty of lower-level pro options out there.

Kyle Shurmur's son Pat, the Chiefs' quarterback, is a free agent: same offense, same system, a perfect fit

Former Northwestern quarterback Trevor Siemian, who actually has a 13-12 record as an NFL starter for the Broncos and Jets, is unsigned.

Of course, if the money were available Cam Newton is still floating free.

A third quarterback to groom in case the unthinkable happens and neither Trubisky nor Foles are here or are injured is always necessary. There are still opportunities.

It all makes you think those four snaps Bray has taken in NFL games since he came into the NFL in 2014 left quite the impression on both Pace and Matt Nagy.

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