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Matt Nagy Zeroes in on Playoff Game Not Job Discussion

With a playoff game approaching, Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy finds talk of job security somewhat ridiculous.

There has been no official Bears confirmation of a report from NFL Network Sunday saying Matt Nagy will be back as coach next year, although it would be rather drastic in most situations to fire a coach after he got into the playoffs.

Besides, Matt Nagy pointed out something else about his situation on Monday during his post-regular season press conference and regular relationships with team board chairman George McCaskey, president Ted Phillips and GM Ryan Pace.

"Yah know, my conversations that I have with George and with Ted and with Ryan, we stay in constant communication," Nagy said. "That's where they're at right now. I haven't gotten into any discussions with that. Which for us right now where we're at, that's not a focus.

"I can tell you that right now. I can tell you that we are so focused in. We were trying like heck to do everyhitng we could to do whatever we could to have a chance to get into the dance in the playoffs. And our players and our coaches did that. Any way you look at it."

Presumably a coach in constant communication with his superiors would know more about his status than one who rarely speaks with them.

Besides, Nagy found even the talk of job security at a time when his team is in the postseason Super Bowl chase to be almost reprehensible.

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"Now, if we have to be concerned with that in regards to our focus there, you can't have that," Nagy said. "We're so, so extremely focused on the Saints."

The Bears have gone 8-8 two straight year, but they also have made the playoffs in two Nagy's three years.

"And it's great that we made it two out of three years," Nagy said. "And it's a credit to the players, to the coaches, to the support staff, to Ryan, to Ted, George, everybody. This is all of us.

"And there are a lot of other teams right now who are trying to figure out their flights home today and where they're going. And we're not. So I think that that's again something we're going to build off of and we're proud of. But we're not satisfied and that's the only thing we care about right now and are focused on."

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