Big Day by Bears Offense Relieves Some Pressure

Analysis: Delivering a comeback victory earns Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky some much-needed relief from criticism
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Sometimes the exuberance and positive nature of Bears coach Matt Nagy simply bubble over.

Thursday's 24-20 win over the Detroit Lions was one of those times, but seeing his team win three out of its last four can do these things, and seeing quarterback Mitchell Trubisky pull one out of the fire after all he's been through can really do it.

"We finally had one of those games where everything felt good for the majority of it," Nagy said.

Well, let's not turn the TVs back on at Halas Hall just yet. Majority of the game might be an exaggeration, but it's a holiday and Nagy can be spared the criticism after getting the Bears back to .500.

Trubisky made stood his ground and produced a season high in passing yards with 338 and three TDs as well as 17 of 19 on first down throws. 

So it was his day against a dreadful defense he has seemed to own the past two seasons.

Even when succeeding, Trubisky had a few blotches. One was the third-quarter interception with the Bears down 17-10 when he appeared to underthrow Allen Robinson a bit and Darius Slay took advantage.

"Those happen," Nagy said. "To Mitch's credit he didn't get rattled. We've been talking all season about the next-play mentality and that's what he did."

Trubisky also shook off some big hits. One came on a shot to his head when there was no penalty called, although it's certainly one of those where a player might get fined at a later date.

"Looked like helmet to helmet, definitely felt like it, but they didn't see it," Trubisky said. "I mean it happens."

Another occurred when he was sacked and his head snapped back and against the turf. He had to go into the injury tent for an exam after that one.

"Some cool stuff going on in that tent," Trubisky said. "You come off, the doctor sees you, you took a hit on the field, my head hit the ground.

"I'm perfectly fine, go in the tent answer some questions: We're in Detroit, it's Thanksgiving, I've got to go out and lead another drive. I answer all the right questions and it's all good."

It was all good in the end for the Bears and Trubisky was the reason.

The winning 3-yard touchdown pass to David Montgomery and the 18-yard TD pass to Horsted revealed to Nagy something about his quarterback.

Neither pass went to the primary target. Horsted was second in his progression and Montgomery third or even fourth.

"I think that's probably what I'm most proud about," Nagy said.

On Montgomery's TD, Trubisky bought time with his feet until his receiver cleared past any coverage, then simply flipped it to him.

"That's a situation where we need guys to step up and make plays," Nagy said. "It might not always be the perfect play call but if it's gray, make a play."

Trubisky did make some plays, and for him it was the kind of day to make Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace think their faith in the second pick of the 2017 draft is justified.

Do it against some of the four playoff-bound teams remaining on the schedule, and maybe a few others will believe as well.