No Sign Bears Will Attend Colin Kapernick Workout

Gene Chamberlain

One possible avenue to finding Mitchell Trubisky some job competition for next season occurs Saturday when controversial quarterback Colin Kaepernick holds a workout for NFL teams in pursuit of another job in the league.

All 32 teams were invited to Atlanta for the workout and interview.

By next season Kaepernick will have missed three years of playing time, and he is 32 years old.

Whether the Bears would be interested in Kaepernick after such a long time out of the league is unknown, and they aren't saying whether general manager Ryan Pace or a scout will represent the team at the workout.

"I honestly have no idea right now," Nagy said before Wednesday's practice. "I'm just kind of focused in on where we're at.

"I'll leave that up to Ryan and those guys. I know they'll have a handle on that."

Nagy did admit he'd be curious how the workout went.

"It'll be interesting," Nagy said. "He's been out of the game a little bit but when he was doing well and playing he definitely was a weapon.

"I'll be curious to see how he does. I have no idea. Again, for me, I wish him the best and all that and you always root good for people but from where I'm at right now personally we're so focused in on the Rams."

Kaepernick has a career passer rating of 88.9 and averaged 7.3 yards per attempt with 72 touchdown throws and 30 interceptions.

Overall his statistics are better than Mitchell Trubisky's, but over the last three years of Kaepernick's career he struggled. He had an 85.9 passer rating, an 11-24 record as the starter, averaged 6.9 yards an attempt and was sacked 116 times.

Trubisky has a career passer rating of 87.1 and averages 6.8 yards an attempt with 39 touchdown throws and 22 interceptions.

The list of teams attending this workout is not being released, but perhaps the Rams should also be attending it as well.

After Goff received a four-year, $134 million deal, he has a worse passer rating (82.7) for this season than Trubisky (85.2). Goff has 11 TD passes and nine interceptions, while Trubisky has eight TD passes and three interceptions.

"For right now, both of those quarterbacks are kind of in that valley right now," Nagy said.

The Rams definitely aren't saying they've given up on Goff, who got them to the Super Bowl last year. And Nagy doesn't sound like someone ready to give up on Trubisky anytime soon. 

"But I think what'll be cool is just seeing, especially for me when I look at it selfishly on our end, and I look at what Mitchell did last week, the game that he put together under all the circumstances he was under, so proud of just him stepping up and making plays and playing four great quarters," Nagy said. "He really did. I like that. That's a growth for us last week."


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