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Chicago Revels in Demise of Packers

The fact San Francisco still owns Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay delights Bears fans.

There hadn't been this much revelry over someone's downfall since that woman who tried stealing ruby slippers got doused.

Social media became what the streets used to be. Long past midnight they danced on the internet in Chicago, Minneapolis and Detroit—especially Chicago. 

Bears fans who have seen their team owned by Aaron Rodgers could now ask him "how does it feel?" after the 49ers beat them 13-10 Saturday in the NFC divisional playoffs.

Losing four straight in the playoffs to San Francisco constitutes ownership in the minds of many Bears fans. And it couldn't hurt that the winning quarterback came from the northwest suburb of Rolling Meadows or the kicker who delivered the final blow from 45 snow-covered yards had been the Bears kicker for the first 11 years of his career.

Rodgers still has the same number of NFC championships as Rex Grossman and there were plenty pointing this out on the internet, along with the idea No. 12 going forward could very well leave the NFC North be.

He'll reflect on this as he undertakes another "beautiful mystery" in the offseason. It will all depend on Rodgers and if he remains agitated enough at Green Bay management, or sees a rebuild coming to the extent he wants to be traded.

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The Bears don't have a coach.

They don't have GM.

In fact, they only have one reported finalist for each job a full two weeks after they began searching.

What they do have is a team beaten 11 out of 12 times by the Green Bay Packers, one with totally clueless ownership.

What they also have is Justin Fields, some good pass rushers and a good running back. 

Like fans in Detroit and Minnesota, they also have hope things could now be different in their division.

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