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Some Bears Fans Can't Handle the Truth

Analysis: Justin Fields saying losing to the Packers means more to the players than fans because of the work players put in enrages a few fans ... for some reason.

Justin Fields spoke the truth and people whined.

Apparently picking on Fields for his play Sunday isn't enough. Now he's being criticized for what he says. 

After Sunday night's loss, Fields was asked if losing against the Packers stings more because of the rivalry and how much more Bears fans want to win the game.

"I mean it hurts more in the locker room than the Bears fans because at the end of the day they're not putting in any work," Fields said. "I see the guys in the locker room every day, I see how much work they put in so just coming out with a disappointing loss like this it hurts, but we've just got to respond."

It set off a firestorm of complaints about Fields on the world-wide Interweb, although it's unclear that actual Bears fans were the ones upset about the comment.

Excuse Fields for speaking the truth. Perhaps someone would rather that he lie?

The players are putting forth the work. The fans only put in time, which is entirely their perogative.

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Some actually take it a step beyond others and spend money for the tickets, if they can afford them in this economy.

No one is forcing them to watch the game, though.

For the Bears, it is their livelihood, their careers, everything they worked for since they were kids. Losing seven straight to Rodgers isn't the way any of them want it to go.

Fans are merely watching the game. Players are, as the the word suggests, actually playing it, living it. 

To them it's not fantasy football, it's real football. Of course it means more to the players.

The only problem here is that Fields actually answered the question truthfully.

As it seems, some fans can't handle the truth.

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