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Odds Point at Foles Starting a Season with 5 to 9 Wins

The Bears figure to have Nick Foles starting in a season when they win between 5 and 9 games if bettors in Vegas know anything about it

Vegas continues to think of the Bears as a team capable of winning between five and nine games.

The futures betting has made the odds 5 to 8 that the Bears will win this many games, and those totals tend to mean no playoffs in sight for 2020. That, is, if the Vegas futures odds actually carried any meeting.

It's only a measurement of what people are betting and people are often wrong.

Who would have bet six months ago on the coronavirus shutting down everything imaginable?

There is a positive side to the odds released. It's 2-1 that they win between 10 and 14 games.

They won 12 two years ago and when they did it was with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback. Imagine what they could do with Trubisky not playing, with someone better than Leonard Floyd rushing the passer off the other edge, and with Allen Robinson full strength and catching passes. Remember, he was still recovering from an ACL tear in 2018 and didn't really get into full gear until the final four games of the regular season.

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There are long odds on small win totals. Their 0-4 wins are coming off at 9-2 odds and winning a total like the 1985 Bears at 15 or 16 are 100-1.

The 10-win total might be difficult to achieve considering who the Bears have on their schedule. At home they're facing the Buccaneers, Saints, Texans and Packers, among others. Teams usually want to try to win them all at home and split on the road, but being stacked against that type of competition at home is going to make it difficult. And even though the road games are against teams with comparatively weaker records from last season, they are still road games.

There is more on the betting front than just wins and losses.

FanDuel has set Foles at -320 to win the starting quarterback job from Mitchell Trubisky.

This means a $100 bet on Trubisky wins $200 and it takes $320 up front to win $100 on Foles.

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