So Where Do Bears Rank on the Short List?

One former teammate of Russell Wilson who knows Chicago well has spoken with a person close to the Seahawks QB and ranks the four teams on the short list.
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Brandon Marshall brought the Bears enough grief in the locker room or at Halas Hall.

On the field, he was pretty amazing at times, though.

Now he's bringing them more grief.

Just when Chicago was abuzz over the possibility the Bears might pursue Russell Wilson after he put them on his short list, Marshall rained on the parade.

On Fox Sports One's "First Things First," Marshall said he talked to someone close to Russell Wilson for answers. 

Marshall was a Seahawks player for seven games in the final season of his career.

"I asked this question specifically to someone close to Russ," Marshall said. 

 And, "They said 60% ... Seattle is the best option," Marshall added.

That's not a real problem. It means 40% chance he's out of Seattle, at least. 

Then came the real problem. 

Marshall ranked the four teams Wilson gave as places he'd go in case of a trade. The teams on the list were the Bears, Saints, Cowboys and Raiders.

The ranking: The Bears were fourth out of four. Who cares what the rest of the list was in that case?

The air just came out of the balloon.

Marshall did say some nice things about Chicago and how the city would go crazy for Wilson. They already have gone crazy over the mere fact Wilson named it to his short list, so imagine what it would be like if this actually happened.

"I know they have already discussed this internally, what he can give you and what they're willing to do for Russell for him to be comfortable," Wilson said of the Bears.

Still, to be ranked behind the Saints, a team $66 million over the salary cap, and behind the Raiders and Cowboys does not bode well.

Then again, consider the source for all of this and move on. 

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