Why Colts Are Preferred Team for Carson Wentz Over Bears

NBC Sports analyst Chris Simms says he's been told Carson Wentz would prefer to go the Indianapolis.
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The Bears have become impatient with Philadelphia's unrealistic trade demands, according to a report from one news outlet covering the Eagles.

It may not matter, if Wentz's choice has anything to do with how a trade eventually comes out.

In an interview on Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio, NBC Sports' Chris Simms said Wentz would rather go to the Indianapolis Colts than to the Bears.

Florio pointed out the pressure in Chicago would be greater and the situation can be a bit like Philadelpha, and Simms agreed. Then Florio suggested Wentz should "strongly" prefer the Colts in that case.

"And I was told he does," Simms told Florio. "I was told by some people I trust that he prefers the Colts' situation, certainly."

The media market is much smaller and fan base far less demanding than in Chicago, where quarterbacks can be eaten alive.

Ask Mitchell Trubisky or Jay Cutler.

On the other hand, in Chicago if you win it all you become a god and the rest of your life is comped. Ask the 1985 Bears. Even the 2006 Bears, who lost in the Super Bowl, have been experiencing some of this type of attention.

There have been no more offers made after both the Bears and Colts heard the initial demand of the Eagles and refused to meet it, according to a story by Eagles writer Mike Kaye of NJ.com

Kaye reported the Bears "are growing impatient" with the Eagles and believe "the Eagles have overvalued Wentz."

Kaye's report said he had a source who told him the Colts want some sort of additional compensation back from the Eagles to make the demands more fair, either a player, players or another pick.

No such demand was reported on the part of the Bears.

Kaye suggested the Colts would be the preferred destination by the Eagles for the trade because it's an AFC team, so the Bears would need to do better with their offer.

If a standoff continues, there is a deadline of March 20 because the new league year starts March 17 and three days later Wentz has a roster bonus of $10 million due.

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