Will Matt Nagy Really Put Heat on Mitchell Trubisky?

Gene Chamberlain

Self-proclaimed as rejuvenated, Bears coach Matt Nagy is expected to put the hammer down on Mitchell Trubisky this season by one ESPN analyst.

If so, don't be surprised if Trubisky ascends. It's happened in the past. 

ESPN analyst Louis Riddick, in an ESPN AM-1000 interview on the Waddle & Silvy Show, said he expects Nagy will stop being soft with his quarterback.

"Look, Mitch was drafted second overall, man," said Riddick, who is a former NFL defensive back. "You have to take off the kid gloves with him now. It's time. I promise you ... I promise you that's what you're going to see happen in Chicago. The kid gloves are going to come off with him.

"I think you will see a rejuvenated ... very, very animated ... demanding head coach and offensive staff that is going to let him (Trubisky) know, 'It's time, bro. It's time to play.' "

The perception Nagy coddles Trubisky is exaggerated and comes simply from the fact the Bears coach and general manager Ryan Pace have been supportive.

Last year Nagy did pull Trubisky late from a loss to the Rams, although the team later said he had a hip-pointer. The injury didn't keep Trubisky from practicing or playing the next week. 

Also, Nagy hollered at Trubisky to step up to greatness while he was wearing a mic on the sidelines against the Jets in 2018 and Trubisky delivered with 102.7 passer rating and two touchdowns in a 24-10 win.

The following week, Trubisky said he liked it when his coach decided to go Ditka on him.

"I love it," Trubisky said. "I love it. I got fired up. That's what you want from your head coach.

"Hou want passion. There's nothing wrong with showing a little emotion. It's part of the game."

One man's passion can be another player's brow beating.

Nagy said on Tuesday at the combine he has been reinvigorated and some of it comes from having different assistants around. Now Trubisky will be handled by quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo and offensive coordinator Bill Lazor, with former quarterbacks coach Dave Ragone now weighing in as passing game coordinator.

The new staff will be focused on making sure Trubisky does what he's told, leaving less to interpretation.

"Also now, you give direction and he needs to follow it," Nagy said. "That's going to be what we really focused on is making sure that he does that. Don't worry about results. Who cares? Worry about the process.

"And if he does that, we will be in good shape."

Even Pace seems to be getting in on the idea of keeping pressure on Trubisky.

When given the chance to say working with a new coaching staff might delay his quarterback's development a little, Pace declined.

"don’t think so because Matt is still the guy orchestrating the offense," Pace said. "So we’ve added some new coaches there but as far as the blueprint of the offense, that’s still going through coach Nagy.”  

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Gene Chamberlain
Gene Chamberlain


I am 180 degrees opposed to everything you said SteveBear. Here is what needs to happen: The general manager needs to be bringing in players who fit the system Nagy wants to use. That's his job. Nagy's is to come up with system and he has one. Every time Nagy has to bend his system to try and compensate for incompetence, then it's going to mean less productivity. Pace needs to be bringing in the guys that work for Nagy's offense, Nagy doesn't need to be bending. And they should fire Pace if he doesn't start doing it. If Nagy gets the talent to run his offense and still can't win, then they should fire Nagy.


Pretty dopey headline. Trubisky works his a$$ off. The new OC should be pressuring Nagy to call a better game than the dummy did all last season, ignoring and having no running game, having mindlessly traded warhorse Jordan Howard.

NAGY is the one who has to grow. Trubisky needs a system better suited to his talents, which Nagy failed to do last year, trying to force Mitch to play differently than he can.