Bengals Notes — Joe Burrow, Andy Dalton and the offensive line

James Rapien

The Bengals are hoping Joe Burrow can take the organization to new heights. 

The No. 1 pick has already built a rapport with A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, John Ross and other players on the roster. 

Multiple players have been impressed with Burrow's mentality and demeanor, even in the Bengals' virtual meetings. 

The coaching staff and front office made the decision to draft Burrow months ago and his teammates are starting to see why. This was about much more than a record-setting season at LSU. 

As great as the numbers were, the Bengals believe Burrow's mentality and mindset are exactly what they need to start moving in the right direction. 

Dalton Time in Dallas

If Dak Prescott really wants more than $35 million annually, then the Cowboys should make him play on the franchise tag in 2020. 

Prescott came into the league with one of the NFL's best offensive lines and a top running back. He wants to become the highest paid quarterback in the league. 

Are we sure he's a top-10 signal-caller? It's not like the Cowboys have failed to give Prescott a serviceable supporting cast. He's had plenty of weapons over the past few years. If he really turned down a five-year, $175 million offer, then Dallas should consider moving on next offseason. 

Let Prescott play out the year on the franchise tag and see how he does in Mike McCarthy's system. If he is what he has been — which is a good, but not great quarterback, then trade him next offseason and find another signal-caller. 

Don't look now, but former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton could get a shot in Dallas.

Offensive Line

The Bengals like their offensive line. They believe they have the pieces in place to be successful up front in 2020. 

Does anyone else in or around the NFL feel this way?

Jonah Williams has plenty of potential and should have success at left tackle, but he's still a question mark after missing his entire rookie season due to injury. 

Michael Jordan's play at left guard improved towards the end of last season. Will that trend continue? No one truly knows the answer. 

Trey Hopkins is as steady as they come. There aren't any questions with him. He's a smart, serviceable center. Extending him in December was one of the most underrated moves the Bengals have made over the past six months. 

Cincinnati also signed Xavier S'ua Filo. He was a bust in Houston and didn't start in Dallas. The Bengals love his size and think he's a good fit in their scheme. They also think the combination of Bobby Hart, Fred Johnson and Hakeem Adeniji will give them competent right tackle play this season. 

The Bengals are buying into a lot of question marks. Banking on the unknown and hoping for development from young players feels like a shaky plan at best. 

Some of their evaluations will be right. It's realistic to expect Williams to be an upgrade at left tackle. Maybe Jordan does take a step forward. Su'a Filo could thrive in his third NFL stop and a right tackle could emerge during training camp. 

Each one of those things is possible, but would anyone bank on all of them happening this season? 

The Last Dance

The Last Dance was great, but sometimes smart people become stupid.

Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf should've brought Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson back for another season, even if it meant moving on from general manager Jerry Krause. 

The Bulls should've re-tooled their roster. Moving on from Dennis Rodman was a smart move. He was done. If Scottie Pippen wanted to cash in, then trading him would've made sense. 

That doesn't mean Chicago couldn't have added quality free agents around Jordan, Toni Kukoc and the rest of the roster. Going after a 24-year-old Antonio McDyess would've made a lot of sense if Rodman and Pippen were traded. The Bulls would've had plenty of options in free agency. 

Tearing down a six-time champion is one of the dumbest things in sports history. Holding onto Jordan and Jackson would've been wise. They would've had a real shot to make another run in the lockout shortened 1999 season. 

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Hey rpevans, on the Bulls thing I would disagree with you. Bulls didnt win until the trade for Pippen, then Rodman. That team right there was 3 of the top 5 defenders in the NBA at the time. You let them go you lose. Should have redone Pippen contract if you let some go so you can sign free agents. You would get good players but nowhere near the defense. That team hardly scored in triple digits in games, they didnt need to, because their defense was so good. Jordan was great defender but selfish, was good offensively but not great to me, hell he was almost the only guy to shoot, but that's just me.


Ropevan, I couldn't agree more. Dont win championships on (ifs). Also dont forget-I believe it was in the 1990's the Bengals were considered best 'roster' with more first round draft picks and couldn't win. This organization has a lot to prove to their fans. Not saying Marvin Lewis was a good or bad coach, but they never went into free agency for Lewis. Hell they only offer a real pro bowl offensive lineman a one year deal because they felt he was too old and he just signed his second 3 year deal since he left (Andrew Whitworth)!
As for Dak He has had the top running back and offensive line in the NFL and still cant win anything. The Cowboys should move on from him, they would be stupid to sign him for that kind if money. With that team Dalton and the Bengals would have made the playoffs and maybe more. Let's dont forget, everyone associated with the NFL was calling for Dalton as MVP in 2015 before he got just-just saying. As a Bengals fan since their inception we have a lot to be optimistic about this year compared to other years, new quarterback, another top flight wide receiver and all the added free agents signed on defense-wow! But Dak at 35 million a year and he wants more? Really? Shit move on.


i see all over the sports side of the internet opinions like the one above on the Bengal's o-line Michael Jordan an 'if', Fred Johnson an 'if' etc. etc.,But at the same time you see...'oh they should have drafted this o lineman or that one' (in this years draft) How is a rookie draft pick less of an 'IF' than these second year players whom the coaching staff has already had a chance to work with ??????????

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