The Bengals continue to receive praise for their 2020 draft class

The Bengals continue to receive praise for what they did in the NFL Draft
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The Bengals received plenty of praise for what they did in the NFL Draft. They earned high marks from most outlets across the country. 

That theme continued on the Moving the Sticks podcast. 

"I thought they had a great draft," Daniel Jeremiah said. "One of the best drafts we've seen from them in a long time. It's been a while since they've drafted a Pro Bowl player, Buck. I think you got to go back to Tyler Eifert to find the last Pro Bowl player that they've drafted. I think they've got a chance to have some Pro Bowlers pop out of this group."

Of course the Bengals expect No. 1 pick Joe Burrow play at a high level for the next decade or more. If two or three other players in this class are above average starters, then the 2020 draft will likely make the Bengals relevant again. 

"I have a late developing crush on Logan Wilson in terms of what he should be," Bucky Brooks said. "I think they need to hand over the keys to the defense to him." 

The Bengals had a high second round grade on Wilson. It seems like the more people watch him, the more they like him. 

Cincinnati also drafted linebackers Akeem Davis-Gaither and Markus Bailey.

"They have three young linebackers that can grow together. That rarely happens where you can get a young core that can play together and serve as your nucleus for a long time," Brooks said. "The teams that have been able to navigate and pull that off, have been the successful teams for a long time because chemistry and continuity matters." 

The Bengals hope their aggressive moves pay off in 2020 and beyond.