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Check out this Bengals jersey redesign

Check out these Bengals concept jerseys

CINCINNATI — There's been plenty of talk about the Bengals current uniforms. A lot of fans want the team to redesign their uniforms. 

Even Cincinnati legend Boomer Esiason believes the team should "simplify" their current uniforms.  

"The one thing I will say, going into next year, the Bengals are going to have to redo their uniforms. They are just horrific," Esiason said on CBS Sports Radio in May. "They just got too much stuff going on. Too much orange. Too many things happening on that uniform."

Designer Dan Royer created concept uniforms that Bengals fans might like. Check them out below. 

Personally, I love the design. They're simple and sleek. They still have the stripes, not only on the helmets, but also on the shoulder pads and pants. 

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If the Bengals were going to get new uniforms, I don't want them to recreate the ones they wore in the past. I want them to have something new, fresh and different. That doesn't mean they have to be complicated. 

Royer's design is exactly what the Bengals should do in the future. 

He's not the only one that has created concept uniforms. Here are a few other examples:

The Browns, Buccaneers, Falcons, Rams and Patriots ahead of the 2020 season. Other teams adjusted their logo or made tweaks to their jerseys and helmets.

If the Bengals are planning on having new uniforms anytime soon, then they need to let the NFL know that they plan on making changes. 

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