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Joe Burrow prop bets: Are you taking the over or the under?

CINCINNATI — The Bengals start the 2020 season at home against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, Sept. 13

This team looks much different than it did a year ago. They have plenty of new faces, including rookie quarterback Joe Burrow. 

The 23-year-old has taken command of the locker room and laughed off the idea that he would be nervous for his NFL debut.

“Very confident. I feel very comfortable with the offense right now," Burrow said last month when asked if he would be ready for Week 1. "I feel comfortable with my guys. I think we’re gonna be pretty good on offense. I’m excited more so than nervous, I would say."

A local reported followed up by asking if he was surprised he wasn't nervous for his debut.

“Absolutely not," Burrow said laughing. "You ever heard anything else about me about being nervous?”

Plenty of Bengals fans are excited for Burrow to lead the team in 2020 and beyond. They have high hopes for the No. 1 pick. 

Some might even be willing to wager on the 23-year-old. Oddsmakers released the over/unders for Burrow this season. Check out his over/unders for passing yards, touchdown passes, interceptions and completion percentage below.

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Odds courtesy of BetOnline

Joe Burrow - Total Passing Yards in the 2020 Regular Season

Over/Under 3849.5

Joe Burrow - Total TD Passes in the 2020 Regular Season

Over/Under 23.5

Joe Burrow - Total Interceptions in the 2020 Regular Season

Over/Under 13.5

Joe Burrow - Completion % in the 2020 Regular Season

Over/Under 62%

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