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Bills Mafia Tops NFL Fanbases In Alcohol Consumption, Study Shows

According to a new study by British Gambler, Buffalo Bills fans drink more alcohol per game than any other NFL fanbase

Buffalo Bills fans, commonly known as "Bills Mafia," have become one of the NFL's most beloved fanbases over the years. Whether it's by jumping through tables before games or generous charitable donations, Bills fans have endeared themselves to the NFL world at large.

For a fanbase known for having a good time, it may come as no surprise that Bills Mafia enjoys its alcoholic beverages. According to a new study by British Gambler, Bills fans drink the more alcohol during games than any other fanbase, with an average of 3.3 beverages per game per person. Five other teams' fans, the Cincinnati Bengals, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints and Philadelphia Eagles, placed just behind the Bills at 3.2 beverages per game.

The study, which also covered English Premier League fans, revealed other interesting details about Bills' fans drinking habits. Buffalo fans were listed as the second most-likely fans to "pregame," only behind Baltimore Ravens fans. Additionally, fans ranked Bills quarterback Josh Allen third among signal-callers they'd most like to have a drink with, only behind Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs and Joe Burrow of the Bengals.

"Buffalo Bills’ fans are notorious for their pregame tailgating antics, so it’s really no surprise that the “Bills Mafia” grabs the top spot for NFL fans who drink the most," British Gambler writes.

Despite Bills fans drinking the most beverages per game, they manage to keep it relatively affordable. The study found that Bills fans spend an average of $23.75 on alcohol per game, which ranks eighth in the league. Saints fans were found to spend the most on average, with $28.31 spent on beverages per game.

On the other end of the spectrum, Carolina Panthers fans were found to drink the least of any fanbase, with an average of 2.2 beverages per game. Panthers fans also spend the least on alcoholic beverages with an average of $16.23 per game.

Buffalo is just over a week away from its season opener on Sept. 11, and it's safe to say Bills Mafia will be out in full force again this year.