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'What Are We Doing?': Stefon Diggs Reflects on Bills' Playoff Shortcomings

Stefon Diggs discussed how the Buffalo Bills view themselves and the fact they've come up just short in the playoffs in recent years.

The Buffalo Bills entered the season with lofty expectations, seen by many as the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl.

It isn't hard to see why they were the heavy favorites either. From the duo of quarterback Josh Allen and receiver Stefon Diggs to linebacker Matt Milano, the Bills are not lacking talent. 

Despite their talent and expectations, though, they've come up short in recent years in the playoffs. In an Q&A with Yahoo Sports and Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler, Diggs spoke about how he views their season. 

"We've had a group that's kind of been together for a while," Diggs said. "Of course, at this point, we don't want nothing but a Super Bowl ring. Of course, it's like necessarily not Super Bowl-or-bust, but that's all you're aiming for."

"That's all anybody is aiming for," he said.

Going back to 2017, the Bills have made the playoffs five times, including the last three seasons. However, in those five appearances they've reached the conference championship just once which makes the playoff losses tougher to swallow. 

"The closer you get, the more you feel obligated to win a Super Bowl," Diggs said. "So it's like, we've been close for three years in a row, so it's like all right now, know what I'm saying?"

"What are we doing? What's going on here? We got to figure out what's what or figure out why we're not getting over the hump."

Winning the Super Bowl is far from easy, especially when you consider that only one of the 32 teams can end the season hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. For a Bills team that has become perennial contenders, though, anything less than a Super Bowl victory can continue to be seen as a disappointment. 

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