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Bills Trade Idea for Rams DT Aaron Donald: What Could It Take?

The Los Angeles Rams, only recently removed from a Super Bowl, are strapped for draft picks. The Buffalo Bills could spare one for the likes of Aaron Donald.
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While talks of winning the DeAndre Hopkins lottery echo throughout the league, Buffalo Bills radio personality Joe DiBiase has other flashy offseason moves in mind.

He has proposed the following fun, yet wild trade idea: Los Angeles Rams star defensive tackle Aaron Donald to the Bills. Here's the trade proposal:

Bills receive: Aaron Donald

Rams receive: DT Ed Oliver, future first-round pick

You are likely asking yourself, as many did in Joe's mentions, why on Earth arguably the greatest defensive player in this century is being included in trade conversations. And while there is no sign these talks are happening within the Rams organization, the hypothetical move might be advantageous. 

Just a year removed from a Super Bowl victory, the Rams are inching toward desperation mode. While a dismal 5-12 campaign in 2022 bodes poorly for the future, Los Angeles didn't have a 2023 first-round draft pick to show for it.

The draft pick cupboard will soon replenish for the Rams, but a full-blown rebuild would call for as many draft picks as the organization can get its hands on. Thus, garnering a late first-rounder and the young, serviceable Oliver isn't all that crazy unpacked.

The No. 9 overall pick in 2019, Oliver has carved out a solid NFL career for himself, but has yet to reach the star-studded expectations that comes with being a top-10 selection. In four seasons, he's totaled 151 tackles, 14.5 sacks, four forced fumbles and 11 passes defended.

And after all, Donald is 32 and has mentioned the word retirement a time or two. What's not enticing about taking a Hall of Fame career from the floundering Rams to the contending Bills? 

Sure, the weather may take some getting used to, but there are plenty of rabid fans who would volunteer to shovel snow from Donald's car in the dream scenario that sees him somehow arrives in Buffalo.

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