Insider Updates New Development in Von Miller Criminal Investigation: 'A Charging Decision has not Been Made'

What comes next in the Parker PD's reported criminal investigation into Von Miller? The investigation now rests with the local district attorney.
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On January 15, 9NEWS' Mike Klis broke the news that Denver Broncos star linebacker Von Miller was under criminal investigation by local police in Parker, CO. Since then, fans have been on pins and needles waiting for the other shoe to drop. 

Will there be charges or will this investigation prove to be unfounded? 

Klis provided the first official update (of sorts) on Tuesday, five weeks removed from his initial report on Miller. 

"Parker Police dept. has submitted results of its investigation into allegations against Von Miller to 18th Judicial District District Attorney. Per DA spokeswoman Vikii Migoya: "A charging decision has not been made. There is no filed case." No more info available," Klis tweeted. 

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I wanted to interpret this update as the D.A. announcing that no charges will come of Parker PD's criminal investigation. But that's not exactly what Klis was told. 

The D.A. has not made a decision yet, which leaves open the possibility of one coming down the road. For now, perhaps fans can take some encouragement in there being "no filed case" but how does Broncos GM Geoge Paton interpret Ms. Migoya's remarks?

That's the question. 

The Broncos have until March 16 to decline the option on the final year on Miller's contract. Set to earn $17.5 million in 2021, Miller will soon turn 32 and is coming off an entire season lost to an ankle injury. 

The ankle has since been surgically repaired and rehabbed but there's no way of knowing what version of Miller the Broncos, or any team for that matter, will get when he hits the field next fall. One commonly held opinion, however, is that the production Miller is likely to provide in his age-32 season is unlikely to be commensurate with his $17.5M cost. 

Odds are, Paton wants to keep Miller around. But not at that price. 

After assuming control of a Broncos squad that has lived in the NFL doldrums for the past five years, Paton can't afford to be sentimental. Miller is an all-time Bronco and he's likely destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but NFL teams don't pay for past contributions but rather, future production. 

Stay tuned because the issue of this case that now rests with the D.A.of the 18th Judicial District hasn't been fully resolved yet, one way or the other. 

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