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Melvin Gordon: I Don't Think Aaron Rodgers is Coming to Broncos

Gordon is rallying around Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater.

Count Melvin Gordon among those — an increasing majority — who don't envision Aaron Rodgers leaving the Green Bay Packers to join a prospective trade suitor such as Gordon's Denver Broncos.

"As far as Aaron Rodgers, I honestly think he's going to stay with Green Bay," Gordon said Wednesday on NFL Network's Good Morning Football. "...I think he's gonna stay there, man. You can't really see him in any other color. But who would be upset with having Aaron Rodgers? But we don't have him, so we got to roll with Teddy, we got to roll with Drew, so whoever's our guy is our guy."

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Say this for Gordon: He's consistent. Making the media rounds in recent weeks and pressed for his opinion on Rodgers, the Wisconsin native continues to hold firm to the belief that the disgruntled NFL MVP is going nowhere, despite persistent rumors pointing to his defection from Cheesehead Land.

"That's going to be bittersweet. My Wisconsin people are going to be hurt if Aaron Rodgers leaves, and I hate to see them sad," Gordon said last month on the Jim Rome Show. "With that going on, it's just crazy. I don't want to speak too much on Aaron Rodgers because we got the competition between Drew Lock and Teddy. But it would be a disservice for a lot of fans to not see Aaron Rodgers play this year — regardless of what team he's on — and I'm sure that a lot of people turned on the TV because of him."

Gordon's handling of Denver's quarterback speculation is in stark contrast to that of Broncos safety Kareem Jackson, who's very publicly attempting to recruit former Texans teammate Deshaun Watson — a Pro Bowl signal-caller — to the Mile High City.

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Perhaps Gordon is taking an objective approach to the situation, resigned to the reality of Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater starting for Denver in 2021. Maybe he genuinely feels the team can compete with who it already has on the roster.

He's determined to prove as much.

"We definitely aren't talked about enough, but it's expected," Gordon said on NFL Network. "If you don't win as many games as you should, people don't bring you up. It is what it is. But it's better that way. It gives us a chip on our shoulder. We're going to give them a reason to talk about us. I know everyone there is working with a mindset to go get it. We have a lot of leaders back, we have a lot of guys back, and hopefully, we stay away from the injury bug. But I think with our offense going up against our defense every day. We got the pieces.

"We're young, but we can't let that be an excuse. Everybody has suited up on game day, been out there, and had their reps, so we're young, but we're not going to let that be an excuse to not do what we need to do. If we got to be the youngest team to go out there and go get it, then that's what we're going to be. We have the leaders to go out there and do what we need to do. So, yeah, we're overlooked. You got Patty Mahomes over there. Herbert went and had the season he had. Like you said, the Raiders, they got that dope stadium. So it's easy for us to go overlooked. That just is what it is. We're in a tough division. Our division has got a lot going on at this point in time. But (if) we go out there and win games, a lot of things can change quickly."

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