27 Potential Shrine Game Targets For the Browns

Pete Smith

The Cleveland Browns may still be trying to hire their general manager and filling out the coaching staff for new head coach Kevin Stefanski, but the draft process isn't waiting on them. Saturday, the East West Shrine Game will be played and there are a number of prospects the Browns could find intriguing.

With all due respect to the offense linemen, this analysis is based on production and to this point, there isn't a production metric for them, so it's focused on everyone else. They'll have to wait until their athletic data comes out in the next month or two.

This isn't a great year for offensive prospects at the Shrine Game, though it's got a nice selection of small school prospects worth watching. As has been the case the last several years, the Shrine Game has put together an impressive group of defensive linemen and this is the best position group there this week. Bravvion Roy from Baylor and McTelvin Agim from Arkansas might be the two best prospects participating, especially when the Browns could use additional help with that position group.

Tyler Huntley, QB Utah - 6' 5/8" 196

Undersized, but Huntley was the most efficient passer in the country.

Keith Davidson, QB Princeton - 6'4" 227

Excellent size and an efficient Ivy League passer, Davidson has a lot to like but his hands are quite small, just 8 1/2".

Kurt Rawlings, QB Yale - 6'1 3/4" 203

Rawlings was the most prolific passer in the Ivy League in addition to being efficient, led the Bulldogs to a 9-1 record.

LeVante Bellamy, RB Western Michigan - 5'8 1/2" 191

Small running back with a ton of production. Unfortunately, only in his junior season did he really get to catch many passes.

Benny LeMay, RB Charlotte - 5'8 3/8" 222

Low to the ground and thick, LeMay was a significant part of the offense and had good production despite missing two games.

James Robinson, RB Illinois State - 5'9" 222

Robinson's production is insanely high. He ran for more yards than the team passed for in 2019.

Mason Kinsey, WR Berry - 5'10 1/2" 198

Super productive small school receiver that averaged 111 yards per game and had 16 touchdowns in an 11 game season.

Aaron Parker, WR Rhode Island - 6'1 3/4" 206

Excellent production from a strong receiver that is fearless going after the ball.

Giovanni Ricci, TE Western Michigan - 6'3 1/8" 234

Built to be an H-back or space player, Ricci had elite production and was the second leading receiver for the Broncos.

Mitchell Wilcox, TE South Florida - 6'3 5/8" 240

Wilcox has elite production in a pretty putrid passing offense. There will be questions whether he's big enough to play inline.

Bravvion Roy, DT Baylor - 6'1 1/8" 332

Roy played in a unique odd front scheme for the Bears where he played a true nose, but could often be seen playing as a standup. Excellent production for a nose and can rush the passer.

Khalil Davis, DT Nebraska - 6'1" 308

Good size for the position, excellent production and has experience playing up and down the line both in even and odd fronts. His tape isn't as impressive as the rest would suggest.

McTelvin Agim, DT Arkansas - 6'2 1/2" 305

Agim showcased fantastic production for the Razorbacks this year and looks great firing off the snap as an athletic 3-tech. He's someone that can penetrate in the backfield and shows a lot of ability, offering a rotational presence for the Browns with upside.

Tershawn Wharton, DT Missouri S&T - 6'1" 280

Undersized small school prospect with elite production.

Joe Gaziano, DE Northwestern - 6'4 1/8" 281

Base end with elite production. Might have some positional versatility. His hips and balance are iffy, but he has good power.

Austin Edwards, EDGE Ferris State - 6'3" 265

Small school with a nice track record of putting prospects into the NFL, Edwards has intriguing size and elite production when it comes to making plays in the backfield.

Alex Highsmith, EDGE Charlotte - 6'3" 247

An undersized edge rusher with elite production, Highsmith was the most dominant pass rusher in Conference USA.

Dele Harding, LB Illinois - 6'1/2" 233

Excellent production from a linebacker that did a little bit of everything at Illinois.

John Houston Jr., LB USC - 6'2 7/8" 225

Good production for the linebacker position and actually measured in heavier than his listed size.

Mykal Walker, LB Fresno State - 6'3" 231

Walker has solid production and also offers good length for the position with long arms.

Luq Barcoo, CB San Diego State - 6' 1/8 195

Tremendous production across the board, including nine interceptions this season. He also offers a good amount of length.

Elijah Riley, CB Army - 5'11 1/4" 211

Dense build for a corner with elite production for the position, particularly as a tackler. The issue here is his service commitment.

Isiah Swann, CB Dartmouth - 5'10 1/2" 188

Swann had good production, despite missing three games this season. 

Myles Dorn, S North Carolina - 6'1 1/4" 211

Excellent size and a ton of experience, having played all four years at North Carolina. His production is good, profiling to be a strong safety.

Rodney Clemsons, S SMU - 5'11 1/2" 188

Clemons has good production and profiles as a free safety in the NFL.

Patrick Nelson, S SMU - 5'11 1/8" 213

Nelson is as unique a prospect as this class has to offer and depending on who the Browns hire as their defensive coordinator, he could be a target or not considered at all. Nelson is used as an X, he was utilized attacking forward quite a bit, which saw him lead the team in sacks and finish second in tackles for loss.

Jeremiah Dinson, S Auburn - 5'11 1/8" 189

Auburn's leading tackler, Dinson has a ton of experience and profiles as a strong safety.


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