What Could The Cleveland Browns Running Back Depth Chart Look Like?

A look at how the Cleveland Browns running back room could potentially look like!
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Last season the Cleveland Browns went as the running backs ran often. Nick Chubb missed some time, still was a thousand-yard back though. Kareem Hunt had over a thousand total yards himself. The two will be back for Cleveland, leading the Browns backfield.

Cleveland has some depth options and it is going to be interesting to see how it works out. Let’s take a look at projecting the team’s depth chart, here who is currently most likely to make the team.

Nick Chubb - 5’11” & 227 lbs

Kareem Hunt - 5’11” & 216 lbs

D’Ernest Johnson - 5’10” & 208 lbs

Demetric Felton - 5’9” & 189 lbs

Projecting the depth chart....

RB1 Nick Chubb

This obviously is not a question and there’s not much to say about, besides Nick Chubb is that guy in Cleveland. Over 3,500 yards in three seasons as a Brown has Chubb as one of the better running backs Cleveland has seen in recent memory.

The only question now is if the Browns will re-sign their leading rusher and best offensive player. Offensively Cleveland has went as much as Chubb could carry them. He has been relatively healthy outside of the four games missed last year as a pro. Chubb can do a bit of everything and his cutting ability will never get old in Cleveland. He’s quiet and he works.

RB2 Kareem Hunt

Looking around the league not many teams are as spoiled as Cleveland when it comes to two-headed running back monsters. Hunt wasn’t special as a runner last year. One thing he does though is run hard and not give up on plays, it has made him become a fan favorite in a way already.

Hunt gives the Browns a very good receiving back when he is on the field, it makes him different. Cleveland signed Hunt for a couple more years and it gives them some insurance if they don’t sign Chubb. In Hunt’s current role he is very good and gives the Browns what they need.

RB3 Demetric Felton

This is where the tough decision comes. Felton is a draft pick of the current front office, so that is working for him immediately. Felton, like Hunt, is another running back that can be very good in a pass catching role. It may be the one thing that gives him the nod over D’Ernest Johnson.

Johnson has been solid for Cleveland in limited snaps due to his spot on the depth chart. He can run between the tackles and if that was what this team needs, he would make it over Felton. There’s an outside shot the team keeps four running backs, viewing Felton as a WR/RB, it’s an option. For now it very well looks like Cleveland could go with their most recent draft pick. It is still way earlier and injuries could happen to anyone, keeping Felton as your third running back seems like a solid option going forward. 

It is tough to say Felton, who hasn’t played a down in the NFL, will make the team over Johnson. But, the possibility is there and it is real. He has a couple of things working for him, main one being his skill set.