Quick Fixes Following Browns 33-29 Loss To Chiefs

Some easy and quick fixes going forward for the Cleveland Browns who will take on the Houston Texans next Sunday.
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Unfortunately the Cleveland Browns fell to the Kansas City Chiefs in a tough one on Sunday. The Chiefs made the necessary adjustments to come out on top 33-29. Though, that wasn’t without the Browns giving them a little bit of help. A shot in the foot to say the least.

Overall, Cleveland played a pretty good game. Turnovers and miscues ended up being the deciding factor in this one. There are deeper analysis that will prove the benefit the Browns, but obvious quick fixes stand out. The Browns get the Houston Texans at home next week and it should be a good thing for them.

Need 13 out there

The offense did it’s job on Sunday. Cleveland racked up 457 yards, out gaining Kansas City who has 397. Baker Mayfield was great in this one and the offense was never the problem. There were some miscues at times, but overall the Chiefs defense wanted no part.

Anthony Schwartz was very good in his debut. The rookie barely had practiced and played sparingly in one preseason game. That meant nothing as Schwartz had three catches for 69 yards and was the team’s best wide receiver Sunday. There was one ball that was very important that Schwartz was unable to come down with. The pass was broken up, a good play by the Kansas City defensive back.

It’s hard to see Odell Beckham Jr. not making that play for Cleveland, or the overall factor he could have had against this defense. Beckham isn’t quite ready and that’s fine. The choice was mainly up to him Kevin Stefanski said and if he is not ready - that is okay. It is possible that Beckham makes his season debut against the Texans, he could not though.

Whenever 13 is ready the team will be glad to have him back. Another player that can be a dangerous option for this offense, one that defenses have to key in on. Beckham surely could have helped the result Sunday, especially against a team that did not have Tyrann Mathieu out there.

Simple, good snaps can’t be dropped

Jamie Gillan was only called upon twice against the Chiefs. Any time that your punter is sent out there twice you know the offense is doing something right. Gillan had a miscue that badly hurt the Browns. The punter dropped a good snap and made no effort to get it off after, when it looked like he still could have shanked one - which would have been better than Chiefs taking over deep in Browns territory.

Gillan nailed a punt for 52 yards in this one, which is a booming kick. That is what you want from Gillan. 2019 was Gillan’s first year with the team and he was solid, averaging over 46 yards a punt. He then took a step back in 2020 at about 44 yards a punt. Best case scenario is Gillan puts this costly mistake behind him and returns to his 2019 form.

The dropped snap wouldn’t have been talked about to much if the Browns found a way to win. But, they didn’t and you have to look back and see this was a major turning point. This mistake basically handed the Chiefs a touchdown.

Chubb has to hold on to that thing

Nick Chubb’s fumble came costly as the Browns badly needed to answer the Chiefs and score. Instead, the Chiefs recovered the fumble and was able to add three points to the board. Anytime you gift the opposing team points it is going to haunt.

Mathieu did not play for the Chiefs, but former second round pick Juan Thornhill stepped up for him in a big way. Thornhill put a helmet on the ball and forced a key turnover. This point of the game the Chiefs gained a ton of momentum, the swing was felt. Thornhill finished with seven tackles and the important forced fumble.

Chubb was very good, as always expected. He had 83 yards on just 15 carries and added a pair of catches. Chubb ran hard, made guys miss and broke tackles - as he always does. The helmet hitting the ball is probably the easiest way to fumble that you will see. But, Chubb has to find a way to hold onto that. As expected Chubb took full blame and was accountable as he always is.

More JOK less 51

Mack Wilson played 22 defensive snaps against the Chiefs, which amounted to 34% of them. Going forward that number needs to be much lower. Wilson had four tackles, two of them were solo. That is not the problem at all. Wilson’s inability to change direction and diagnose what is happening in front of him is.

Patrick Mahomes five-yard rushing touchdown in the second quarter should have been maybe a yard gained. Instead, Mahomes made a joke of Wilson and left him laying on his behind as he ran past him. Mahomes is a player that isn’t very shifty and shouldn’t be breaking down linebackers. That is exactly what he did to Wilson. In game one of 2021 we saw the same problems that made it hard to watch Wilson in previous seasons. There are simply better options on the team.

Rookie linebacker Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah played 25 snaps on defense and 16 snaps on special teams. He finished with three tackles. The key is he did not look lost. In fact, I did not mind the linebacker play much outside of Wilson. The Browns had a tough task in slowing down the Chiefs, it was never going to be easy. Wilson’s snaps very well could go to Koramoah and Malcom Smith. Two players that the team will be able to rely upon more throughout the year.