Chandler Jones Latest Reminder of What Must Be Done This Offseason

Pete Smith

When the Cleveland Browns face off against the Arizona Cardinals, they will have to figure out a way to block their stud pass rusher Chandler Jones. Jones is the latest reminder of what the Browns will have to address in the offseason. The interior of the offensive line is critical for Baker Mayfield to be successful and with Wyatt Teller at right guard, the team might have that group settled for the time being. Now, they must turn to their full attention to the offensive tackle spots.

Greg Robinson is not a bad player. He's largely pretty average, occasionally even above average, particularly in pass protection. The problem for Robinson is the cost to keep him combined with the fact that he's still not the player a team would want on an island against a player like Jones.

On the other side, whether it's Chris Hubbard or Kendall Lamm, they aren't players the Browns would want to block Pittsburgh Steelers edge rusher T.J. Watt, even with help.

Addressing both tackle spots in one offseason is a pretty massive undertaking, but the reality is if the Browns can address one of those spots truly successfully, giving them someone can consistently operate on an island, it would enable them to shift their protection to the other side in the event it needs help.

And it really doesn't matter which side they address at a high level. There are great arguments for both sides. Ultimately, left tackle still has more value simply because it's Baker Mayfield's blindside, but having a dominant right tackle would make it easier for Mayfield to roll to that side, which is certainly his preference. And Watt is currently the best pass rusher the Browns face within the division and he plays exclusively on the offense's right side. There's really no bad answer. Ideally, they can address both.

If the Browns are going to defeat the Cardinals, they are going to have to prevent Jones from taking over the game. Regardless of how they perform in this game or the two games that follow, that is the biggest issue for the Browns to address in the upcoming offseason. And if they can't do it effectively, it will be difficult for them to make any meaningful progress towards the goal of becoming a Super Bowl contender.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Hope they go heavy on the o-line in the draft and free agency, would be shocked if they don't add at least 3 solid players to help out Mayfield

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