Browns Galvanized by League Office

Pete Smith

In the immediate aftermath of the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns players had reactions that ran the gamut from stunned to horrified in light of what Myles Garrett had done. Diminishing the victory on the field and losing the best player on the team for the balance of the year, it had the potential to not only derail the season but fracture a locker room. That is until the league stepped in and mishandled Garrett's punishment.

The league office expedited the process, seemingly rushing to a desired conclusion for the sake of PR, potentially burying evidence that might have at least helped to explain what incited the situation. It wouldn't have excused Garrett's actions, certainly, but it would've further complicated things. Garrett was also thrown under the bus during the appeal process in what was supposed to be a confidential hearing when details were leaked, widening a concerning gap between the league office and players.

While Browns players aren't ignoring Garrett's actions, the league's decisions have rallied them to his defense, galvanizing them against a common foe; injustice. Jarvis Landry vocalized the thoughts many had Friday, saying, "It’s like they wanted to put it to bed early and make an example. The process wasn’t handled appropriately. They expedited the process based on the video footage and based on the reaction of the world.”

From the general manager to the head coach to the locker room, the common theme has been a belief in Garrett's word. They at the very least are showing a united front, but they genuinely seem to believe him. The fact the NFL claims they have no audio from the game in a league where they have a robust archive of audio from every other game, especially prime time games, is at least curious, only making it easier to believe Garrett. What he's alleging would also make sense given the sheer rage displayed in the moment.

Garrett's fate decided for the rest of this year anyway, the news of the past few days may focus his teammates on proving a point to the Miami Dolphins this week and the Pittsburgh Steelers in their rematch next week. That anger may be just the fuel they need to get past the disappointment of losing Garrett, using Sunday and the scoreboard to make a point. They may use both to send a message to anyone questions them as well as upcoming opponents.

The Browns are going to be shorthanded on defense, missing three starting defensive linemen among other question marks, but the offense is going to be as close to full strength as they have been this season. The Dolphins are struggling and hemorrhaging players, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. The Browns seem primed to have a breakout game on offense and if they can take control, don't expect them to show any mercy.

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It's because Roger Goodell and the other guy are faggots with no life. I can't wait till the day they get gunned down


pretty sure carbum is talking about the nfl handing down an indefinite suspension and requiring garrett to seek reinstatement for an on-field action. which is against the current CBA.


I have a major issue with the players union not stepping in here.

The NFL ignored the CBA.

Pretended like it was trash.

Rodger Goddell is suspending people based on feelings politics for any amount of time he sees fit.

This is the definition of oppression.

But it seems these players only kneel for attention.

The NFLPA should call for an immediate strike until Myles Garrett is treated by the Rulebook and CBA guidelines.

Come on fellas, sit out for Myles.. show us you'll give up paychecks to stand up to real oppression. Not PR to sell your shoes made by child slaves in China.



How does the NFL ignore their own rulebook? The NFL has a rule about this exact situation;

Rule 12, Section 2, ARTICLE 17. USE OF HELMET AS A WEAPON A player may not use a helmet that is no longer worn by anyone as a weapon to strike, swing at, or throw at an opponent.

Penalty: For illegal use of a helmet as a weapon: Loss of 15 yards and automatic disqualification. If the foul is by the defense, it is also an automatic first down.

The Steelers should have got 15 yards and a first down. Garret should have been ejected from the game. That is all that should have happened.

This is where I found this:

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