With it being Memorial Day, there certainly won’t be any football on to watch. However, it’ll be here soon enough. It can be difficult to tell what the future has in store with COVID-19, but that appears to be the direction events are headed. On this Memorial Day, we remember those who have served and given us the ability to be free in the greatest country on earth.

The Cleveland Browns have had multiple people within the team serve over the years. Whether it was a coach like Paul Brown, or a player in Otto Graham, Cleveland has their fair share of veterans that impacted the team. Football certainly didn’t pay as much back then and bodies were needed for the likes of each World War, as well as the Vietnam War.

In the video of players who have not only contributed to the military, the Browns organization as well, there is a common theme. None of these veterans are no longer alive, we remember them for who they were and what they did. It isn’t as common these days for professional athletes to serve in the military. These Cleveland players and coach were a part of the franchise many years ago. Imagine simply lining up against former militants in practice, let alone games. That sure would be something.

Once again, as we enjoy our cookouts and time with family today. Think about those who helped shape this country. Some of them just happened to be a Cleveland Browns member at one point in time, long ago.