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5 Browns Takeaways Coming out of the NFL Draft

With the NFL Draft over, the Cleveland Browns have plenty of work to do. Five reactions from the draft and where the Browns go from here.

Coming out of the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns may get to catch their breath, but they will not be afforded a chance to relax. They immediately have to pivot back to free agency continue to address their roster, both in continuing to try to sign players like Jadeveon Clowney among others while also trying to find a home for Baker Mayfield. 

The Browns added nine players in this draft class and the one that might have the biggest impact, at least initially is Cade York, the kicker. If York's as good as they hope, he might be worth a win or two this season. Here are some of the takeaways from the weekend.

Baker Mayfield s Most Demanding Chapter Lies Ahead

Maybe this changes this year, but defensive end will likely still be a priority after this season and could be an early target in next year's draft.

With that in mind, arm length is a big deal to the Browns when it comes to the defensive end position. This is the first year as general manager where Andrew Berry has actually selected a defensive end, so it's a data point that wasn't yet available even if there were bread crumbs. While Perrion Winfrey has the longest arms at 35 1/4" and plays on the interior, there isn't a meaningful correlation to the Browns past selections where Berry has been heavily involved in the selections. Togiai, drafted in the same round last year, has 31 3/4" arms.

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Here are the players the Browns have drafted at defensive end that Berry as general manager or working as Sashi Brown's top evaluator.

PlayerDraft YearArm Length

Emmanuel Ogbah



Carl Nassib



Myles Garrett



Alex Wright



Isaiah Thomas



In terms of free agent signings, Jadeveon Clowney's arms measured 34", Takkarist McKinley's were 34 3/4" and Joe Jackson came in at 34 1/8".

So if the Browns were given the choice at the top of the draft between Travon Walker and Aidan Hutchinson, it's possible that Walker's 35.5" arms might have put him over the top.