It's make or break for Seth DeValve with the Cleveland Browns. Or is it?

Pete Smith

It's a make or break year for Cleveland Browns tight end Seth DeValve. DeValve is a source of frustration in that he's shown glimpses of his tremendous athleticism and ability as a receiver, but then he just vanishes for significant stretches at a time. Injuries have been an issue and whether it was injury or something else, DeValve was largely a ghost in 2018.

However, the few times he was on the field, he made some plays. He also filled in as a lead blocker, often from a wing position pulling, but he wasn't bad at it. And heading into 2018, Baker Mayfield brought him up unprompted when defending the notion the Browns didn't have talent. And he was a favorite target of Mayfield's in training camp last year when Mayfield was playing with the two's.

The Browns, at least to this point, haven't brought in a ton of competition for DeValve, which is interesting if nothing else. They added another Princeton wide receiver turned tight end in rookie free agent Stephen Carlson, but they haven't brought in anyone that stands out as someone where it feels like DeValve is in a lot of trouble.

More than anything, he has to be healthy if he's going to make the team. But he's an incredible athlete and has great hands, has shown the ability to make plays. The area that might help DeValve ensure he's able to stick on the roster may well be showing the ability to consistently play fullback.

He had to do it last year in place of Orson Charles when he had an injury and again, he wasn't bad at it. If he can do the dirty work of taking on the boss block when called and again, he gives them a far better receiving option out of the back field on play action and misdirections.

On one hand, it really seems as though the Browns aren't particularly interested in DeValve. On the other, they haven't really done much to replace or upgrade him, so there does seem to be a path for him to make the final roster with the Browns and contribute this year. It's going to be interested to see which way this goes.

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