Members Of The Cleveland Browns Know Myles Garrett Has Moved On From Mason Rudolph Incident, Eyes On Sunday


Sunday will be a huge game in the AFC North for the fact that the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers have a combined 8-1 record. Also, on Sunday it will mark the first game Myles Garrett has played against the Steelers since he was suspended the final six games of the 2019 season.

Even if he was provoked, something we will never know the truth about, Garrett made a bad mistake of hitting Mason Rudolph in the head with a helmet. However, it is in the past and since then Garrett has moved on from it. His play has moved on from it too, he has been the best defensive end in football so far through five week and his stats back that up.

A few of Garrett’s teammates spoke to the media today and voiced their opinion on the situation of Garrett’s first game back against the Steelers.

“We always have our guys' backs, but we're focused on right now” - Baker Mayfield

Mayfield is pointing toward what Cleveland is doing right now, the task at hand. He is not worried about what happened last year, Sunday is about going out and beating your division rival. Mayfield pointed out that Garrett has become more vocal as a leader as well since the incident happened.

Center J.C. Tretter took the same approach saying, “Myles Garrett is one of us, he's done a great job of taking a step of being a leader on this team, that's really stood out to me, whatever he needs, he knows we're there for him, but this is just another game for him”.

This surely is just another game for Myles, he has left his mark on each of the Browns wins already and will undoubtedly need to again on Sunday to beat the undefeated Steelers.

Running back Kareem Hunt added that he had “no doubt”, that Garrett would keep his emotions in check on Sunday and do what he normally does.

Kevin Stefanski voiced his support for number 95 as well.

“I feel like it's something he's put in the past, has learned from, has grown from, I know the focus for our team and for Myles is on this game.”

Myles Garrett has the backing of his coach and teammates not only because he has moved on from the situation, it’s because he is a good person. Time and time again Garrett has showed that he will go above and beyond in the community, to help families and more. It has never been about the camera to him, it just happens to follow him. Playing at a high level, Garrett will have two things on his mind Sunday against Pittsburgh and those are sacking the quarterback and helping his team win. 

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Evan Taylor
Evan Taylor

Miles Garrett is dispicable and disgusting. Kharma is coming for his trailer park ass. I dont care how much money he has, he is a lowlife that doesn't have the decency to value another persons life. He tried his best to murder another man. Unbelievable that anyone could do what he did. It still haunts him, he knows what he is capable of and then to pull the race card and lie like he did to TRY TO EXCUSE HIMSELF. He has no decency, tried his best to murder MR and then tried to destroy his character and livelyhood. Yep, Kharma is coming for him when he least expects it.

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