Three challenges for the Cleveland Browns against the New York Jets

Pete Smith

Assuming the Cleveland Browns can get out of their own way, there are three challenges the New York Jets present the Browns must be able to answer if they're going to get a win Monday.

The strength of the Jets defense is up the middle and C.J. Mosley may be on a new team, but the Browns know him well. He had an outstanding game in his debut with the Jets before leaving with an injury, which will be monitored throughout the week but he's expected to play. The last time the Browns saw Mosley, he was in a Baltimore Ravens jersey intercepting a Baker Mayfield pass to end the Browns season and send the Ravens into the playoffs.

Mosley can impact both the run and the passing game, so the Browns need to account for him in both phases, get blockers on him running the ball and make sure he's accounted for in the passing game. He had an interception he returned for a touchdown against Buffalo.

Continuing with the middle of their defense is Jamal Adams, who may be on the verge of superstardom at safety. Size, strength, speed, he has outstanding range and can take away a tight end in coverage. Adams can be moved around on the defense and line up all over the place, so he's someone that Baker Mayfield will have to locate on every play.

He's someone who can used to help cover up a weakness in the defense or be utilized as someone they try to generate splash plays. When it comes to running the ball, the Browns have to find ways to get him blocked, particularly if they try to get outside and he's attacking down hill.

On the offensive side, the Browns need to be able to contain Le'Veon Bell. He didn't have a great game running the ball for the Jets in week one, but he still made an impact because he's a weapon as a pass catcher. With Bell, there's a bit of a learning process when it comes to linemen blocking for him because of his rare patience, so that's likely to improve, but the ability to impact in the passing game can get some cheap yardage and extend drives.

Of the six receptions Bell had in the first game, four of them got them first downs and another was a touchdown. Bell is a threat in his own right, acts as a reliable check down guy for Sam Darnold, but they also hope he can create openings for receivers like Robby Anderson down the field to make splash plays and put up more points.


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