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Adding Will Fuller to Browns Sounds Better in Theory than Practice

Since the Cleveland Browns acquired quarterback Deshaun Watson, Will Fuller has been a player mentioned as a possibility. It just doesn't add up.

As tempting as signing free agent wide receiver Will Fuller V might seem, it only makes sense for the Cleveland Browns if they exhaust all of their other options and there are a lot of other options.

Dating back to the moment teams started discussing a trade for Deshaun Watson, Fuller has been mentioned as a possibility to sign with the team Watson does. Since arriving in Cleveland, Fuller's name comes up every so often. On the heels of re-signing Jadeveon Clowney, Josina Anderson of CBS Sports once again raised the possibility.

It's understandable why Fuller would be an attractive option. Playing with Watson from 2017 to 2020, Fuller averaged a remarkable 15.8 yards per reception, 10.9 yards per target and scored 17 touchdowns.

Fuller also brings more speed and the ability to stretch the field, which would provide more spacing for the Browns offense. As illustrated by his time with Fuller, Watson excels at throwing deep passes, especially up the sideline. Given the relative inexperience of the Browns wide receivers, Fuller would also provide a more proven option.

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The Browns should not simply have them both in the backfield. Whether it's lining Hunt out wide, something the Browns have done or using motion to move him around the offense and force the defense to reveal their coverage and adjust, that can provide the Browns an advantage. When Jarvis Landry was injured last year, Hunt caught a number of passes in the areas of the field where Landry was often utilized.

In order for Hunt and Chubb to be on the field at the same time, they have to take someone else off of it. It's a completely different dynamic than Fuller would be, but would give them another way to attack defenses and would take some of the pressure on the wide receiver position.

Should the Browns find themselves in August and they don't feel confident about the wide receiver position, Will Fuller would make far more sense. Not only should the Browns have an answer on Watson's possible suspension, but the Browns would have had the ability to get enough reps to evaluate the rest of the position group. No team wants Fuller to practice that much because it's only a matter of time before he gets hurt. He needs just long enough to know the playbook, maybe introduce himself to a few teammates and head onto the field.