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For Pete's Sake - Episode 10 - System Quarterback

There has been plenty of discussion about Baker Mayfield and where he fits into the grand landscape among quarterbacks, so we attempt to answer the question of what is a system quarterback.
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This week, Nicole Chatham (@Browns_Babe) and I discuss the conversation around Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield, including the idea that he's a system quarterback.

It starts with pretty simple question - what is a system quarterback?

For Mayfield, whether he is or he isn't, he's played in four different systems in four years dating back to Oklahoma and he's been great in three of them. The exception was 2019, where Mayfield wasn't good and neither was much around him.

We also look into the notion as to whether utilizing play action somehow is responsible for Mayfield's improved play. The issue as Nicole points out is there were a number of teams that utilized play action more than the Browns.

Similar, while the Browns certainly utilize motion, that is something football universally is embracing more and more.

The other angle on this is the coaching staff and specifically the idea that Kevin Stefanski is artificially inflating Mayfield's ability over what he's capable.

Having watched the Browns do it the other way for two decades, making it as difficult as possible for a quarterback to succeed, the notion of having a coach cater the offense around the quarterback, the talent in general is a welcome change. If that allows the Browns to win the Super Bowl, call it whatever you want.

After delving into the system argument, we get into something that is a little more meaningful in terms of discussing Mayfield. As Mike Tannenbaum, now working for ESPN put it, discussing Mayfield as a replaceable part. Whether or not you agree with his assessment, it's at least easy to understand what he's trying to say.

From there, we weigh in and what we think about that, including asking the question of whether Mayfield elevates the talent around him.

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