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For Pete's Sake - Browns Week 2 Vs Texans Victory

This week, Nicole Chatham and I discussed the Cleveland Browns victory against the Houston Texans and everything that went into it.

On this week's episode of For Pete's Sake, Nicole Chatham and I discussed the Cleveland Browns victory over the Houston Texans at home, discussing what went right, what went wrong, the injury to Jarvis Landry and overreactions regarding Joe Woods.

Nicole was nice enough to invite to take me to the office this week and we saw the game live. The first thing that stood out to us was the vibe of the team. It felt like the Browns knew they were better than the Texans and weren't overly concerned with them, trusting that their talent would ultimately take over and lead to victory, which is exactly what happened.

The Houston Texans were better than either of us thought. If not for the fiasco where he declined a penalty to punt, he would've been far more highly regarded for the team's plan and preparation, particularly from their offense.

The offense was efficient, spread the ball around and dominated with their running game. Turnovers including an unfortunate interception from Baker Mayfield marred what was a largely pretty smooth day on that side of the ball.

We did discuss Landry's injury and his importance to the team, especially slimmed down and more agile. I explained how I think the Browns could actually come out better with the pieces they have that can pick up the various aspects of his game.

We both agreed injured reserve was the way to go, trying to force him to get healthy before coming back, so that he can make a bigger impact later in the year rather than playing at a compromised level due to a lingering issue.

Defensively, as much as there were issues, none of them really pointed to defensive coordinator Joe Woods as a problem. There were some missed assignments and Tyrod Taylor got the ball out quickly to minimize the impact of the defensive line.

That bled into discussing how exciting it was to watch Grant Delpit's debut and the possibilities alongside Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah in their dime package.

We finished up on the high note that was the Browns special teams. They were really effective against the Texans and gave the Browns a decisive advantage in terms of field position.

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