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For Pete's Sake - "The NFL is Hard"

Nicole Chatham and I wrap up the regular season with the win against the Cincinnati Bengals and transitioning into what lays ahead for the Cleveland Browns in the offseason.

This week's episode of For Pete's Sake wraps up the regular season finale as the Cleveland Browns defeat the Cincinnati Bengals backups, moving them to 8-9 on the year. There were some players worth highlighting in the game for the Browns, but between the disappointment of not being viable for the postseason and the decisions facing this team in the offseason, the game felt largely incidental.

Wide receiver Jarvis Landry caught six passes for 75 yards and a touchdown in what might be his final game with the team. We discussed his season and his future with the team. Nicole is predictably more gracious than I am on this topic.

Linebacker Jacob Phillips looked great, giving the Browns reason to be excited heading into the offseason. They'd like him to be part of their fast approaching present.

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Rookie offensive tackle James Hudson dominated, which demonstrated growth for him over the course of the year.

After talking about the game, we transitioned into talking about Baker Mayfield, the rumors and reality around him. We both expect him to be here next year.

We discussed Kevin Stefanski, both in his role as head coach and playcaller. I try to dismiss some of the mythology around him when it comes to good wide receivers, namely Stefon Diggs.

There's discussion around some of the exit press conferences of players, balancing the disappointment with what the hope to achieve in the future. Rookies Greg Newsome and Jeremiah Owosu-Koramoah continue to provide reason to believe they are not just good football players, but the right people for the Browns.

Last but certainly not least, we dispel some myths about ownership and the specter of meddling to hide what people really want.