For Pete's Sake - Episode 5 - Rookie Minicamp

This week on For Pete's Sake, Nicole and I discuss our takeaways from Cleveland Browns rookie minicamp, which included seeing the latest episode of Building the Browns.
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The Cleveland Browns had the first rookie minicamp under head coach Kevin Stefanski and had an episode of the team's broadcast Breaking the Browns this week, the subject of the conversation between Nicole (@Browns_Babe) and I.

Both of us were excited at how organized and deliberate the pacing was from Stefanski in dealing with rookie camp and how he treated the rookies in general. Resisting the urge to try to pick up where the team left off in the playoffs, he slowed it down and focused quite a bit on fundamentals with a relatively small group of players, focusing on individual instruction.

Nicole discussed how it's still an adjustment getting used to the Browns being such a professional and productive organization. Both of us loved getting to see offensive line coach get to focus and teach James Hudson, one of the team's fourth round picks.

Nicole ended up going down a few rabbit holes after watching the episode, including about Ron Brewer, the team's director of player engagement. He was the focus on a segment in the episode where it showed him talking to some of the rookies, touching on both mental health as well as financial responsibility.

Nicole found several interesting nuggets on him and I applauded the Browns for the investment in the players as people, trying to get them to be successful as people, regardless of their success on the field. For a team that is drafting players so young, it's critical to handle them with care and help them adjust to life in the NFL.

We touched on Joe Woods, the defensive coordinator, who was giddy in getting to work with the rookies. In his heart, he's a defensive backs coach and he got Greg Newsome as well as perhaps part of what Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah will be and Richard LeCounte III just in the draft. He's also going to have John Johnson III and Troy Hill on the team this year.

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