For Pete's Sake - Episode 6- Therapy

Nicole Chatham leads a discussion in the form of a therapy session discussing all things Jarvis Landry from a number of different angles with the goal of finding a middle ground on the Cleveland Browns wide receiver.
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Nicole (@Browns_Babe) leads a therapy session focused around my relationship with Cleveland Browns fans through the scope of Jarvis Landry.

First, by looking at Landry through the scope of a potential acquisition of Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones.

Nicole expects that Landry will be on the Browns in 2020. That's largely my expectation as well, though it still stands to reason the Browns would at least have to think about the potential of what Jones could do, giving the Browns the best offense in the NFL combined with what should be a much improved defense.

We both agree that giving up a first round pick is not even a conversation.

From there, it goes into an evaluation of what Landry has brought to the Browns, both on the field, as well as the emotional aspect that has been important for many fans. It also discusses his contract, both what he's set to earn this year as well as in 2021.

With the salary cap ceiling announced for the 2022 season, it also helps to put into perspective the choices the Browns will have to make headed into next offseason and how keeping Landry's contract might impact them.

It also allows me to explain why the Browns do not want to restructure Landry's contract, even if it provides some financial help for this year.

We finish up on something that came up on last week's podcast, which is getting past first impressions and preconceived notions with players, both good and bad.

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