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New Podcast - Deshaun Watson's Punishment

The first episode of a new podcast for the 2022 Cleveland Browns season where I'm co-hosting with Bri Rust.
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The first episode of a podcast that needs a name, I am joined by the one and only Bri Rust, who I couldn't be more excited to be working with as we open up the 2022 season. With his punishment finally decided, we discuss everything Deshaun Watson.

This is the one episode we are going to delve into Watson and his off-field situation at length. We won't ignore news as it happens and we want to be honest with the audience, but it's the reason we waited to start the podcast. It's not fun and we want this podcast to be something listeners not only enjoy but we enjoy making.

This starts out by discussing the punishment and the press conferences with our reactions. Watson showed no remorse or self awareness, which made everyone involved with the Browns look bad. Ownership also came off poorly.

Bri offers some of her opinions as well as her insight into general manager Andrew Berry. I discuss how I thought he could help himself, not admitting to guilt of a crime but also showing some empathy towards women impacted by his actions.

We get into the fallout into how this will impact the Browns and their season outlook, which also allows us to get into some of the things we look forward to discussing in future episodes. 

The podcast is a bit of a work in progress and we tried to get something timely, so bear with us as we put this thing together.

Lastly, I talk about Nicole Chatham and how she's doing for everyone that asked.