Cleveland Browns vs Cincinnati Bengals Live Game Thread

Shawn Stevenson

The Cleveland Browns are set to take on the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium for the second and final time this season. The Cleveland Browns (4-2) are looking to bounce back from a punishing loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road in week six. Browns QB Baker Mayfield struggled mightily during the contest and media pundits debated if he is a legitimate franchise quarterback. Will Mayfield find the success that he had against the Bengals on Thursday Night Football.

The Cincinnati Bengals (1-4-1) on the flip side are looking to settle the score and split division games against the Browns. Rookie number one overall pick Joe Burrow is still searching for his first win in the division. Burrow will be without his top running back Joe Mixon and will likely throw thirty plus passes in this matchup. Can Joe Burrow and the Bengals pass attack do enough against a suspect Browns secondary?

Watch the Cleveland Browns pregame Tailgate Show live at 11AM, for all important information about today's matchup. Host Shawn Stevenson will be joined by Sports Illustrated Bengals writer James Rapien. Also stay tuned on this article for live game updates and commentary throughout the game.

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First Quarter

Bengals start the game with the ball and first play of the game is a TE screen to Drew Sample.

3rd & 5, Joe Burrow finds A.J. Green in single coverage with a back shoulder throw for a 17 yard gain.

1st & 5, Burrow escapes the quick pressue and launches a deep pass to A.J. Green in the endzone, the pass is batted down by Denzel Ward in coverage.

2nd & 5, Tyler Boyd is tackled immediately on a screen for a two yard loss.

3rd & 7, Burrow finds Mike Thomas deep across the field as he makes jumping catch over FS Andrew Sendejo for a big first down.

3rd & 3, Burrow finds Tyler Boyd wide open underneath for a 14 yard gain down down to the three yard line.

1st & Goal, Bengals hurry to the line and off playaction Burrow's pass is batted at the line and picked off in the endzone by LB B.J. Goodson.

Browns start the drive on the three yard line and RB Kareem Hunt is pushed ahead for a 6 yard gain.

2nd & 4, Mayfield is picked off on his first pass by CB Darius Phillips while targeting Beckham

Two Browns players down on the play, C J.C. Tretter and WR Odell Beckham.

1st & 10, Burrow finds Tyler Boyd for 11 yards and a first down.

First play in the redzone, Burrow targets Boyd in the endzone and Kevin Johnson is flagged for pass intereference.

2nd & Goal, Burrow QB sneaks in to the endzone.

Bengals 7 - Browns 0

Browns start drive with an 11 yard run on first down.

Hunt follows up another run for five yards on first down.

3rd & 5, Mayfield drops back and misses high targeting Harrison Bryant. Jamie Gillan comes in to punt.

Injury Update: Odell Beckham questionable to return with knee injury.

2nd & 9, Burrow finds Tyler Boyd off playaction for a 7 yard gain. DT Vincent Taylor penalized for lowering his head on a tackle for 15 yards.

2nd & 10, Myles Garrett get another strip sack against the Bengals and the fumble is recovered SS Ronnie Harrison.

Browns start drive again with a handoff to Hunt as he runs strong for 12 yards.

1st & 10, Kareem Hunt is tackled for a loss in the backfield by LB Logan Wilson.

Mayfield has yet to complete a pass is currently 0-4.

3rd & 13, Mayfield targeting Jarvis Landry and the pass is broken up against Mackenzie Alexander.

Cody Parkey nails the 42 yard field goal and has made 11 straight field goals.

Bengals 7 - Browns 3

Bengals start drive with a handoff to Giovani Benard for an 8 yard gain.

3rd & 2, Burrow finds A.J. Green for 22 yards right along the sideline.

Second Quarter

Burrows dumps a RB screen to Benard for a 25 yard gain.

3rd & 3, Burrow throws a quick screen to Tyler Boyd for a 3yd gain on near sideline for a first down.

Injury Update: Odell Beckham downgraded to Out with knee injury.

3rd & 7, Burrow is sacked by the blitzing CB Kevin Johnson out of the slot.

Bullock knocks in the 37 yard field goal.

Bengals 10 - Browns 7

Mayfield completes his first pass of the game on a rollout and finds Jarvis Landry for a big 28 yard gain.

2nd & 13, Kareem Hunt takes a pitch and rumbles 15 yards carrying multiple defenders along the way.

2nd & 8, D'Ernest Johnson gets his first carry of the game on a HB delay for 3 yards.

3rd & 5, Bengals Carlos Dunlap flagged for a neutral zone infraction.

2nd & 11, Mayfield finds Rashard Higgins for ten yards off the slant.

3rd & 1, Quick jet sweep to Jarvis Landry for a four yard gain to move the chains.

1st & 10, Kareem Hunt tackled immediately in the backfield for a three yard loss.

2nd & 13, Mayfield throws quickly to Landry on a screen for an 11 yard gain.

3rd & 2, Mayfield throws a bullet to Harrison Bryant on a stick route. 

Browns 10 - Bengals 10

Injury Update: LT, Jonah Williams doubtful to return with neck injury.

Bengals start the drive with a five yard run by Giovani Bernard on first down.

2nd & 5, Burrow finds Tee Higgins for the first time for a 7 yard gain.

1st & 10, Burrow throws a beautiful pass to Tee Higgins for 27 yards over Denzel Ward.

2nd & 5, Bernard takes a RB screen for a big gain but is called back for a block in the back penalty on Tee Higgins.

Repeat of second down, Burrow finds A.J. Green for a first down and gain of 10+.

1st & 10, Burrow follows it up with a nine yard gain finding Tyler Boyd.

Injury Update: Bengal C Trey Hopkins questionable to return, in concussion protocol.

1st & Goal, Myles Garrett gets his second sack of the game and Bengals immediately call timeout.

2nd & Goal, Burrow throws a bullet to Tyler Boyd for a 11 TD.

Bengals 17 - Browns 10


Third Quarter

Stefanksi starts the second half with a playaction rollout and Mayfield find Harrison Bryant wide open for a 35 yard gain.

2nd & 7, Mayfield finds Jarvis Landry for seven yards on a curl route.

3rd & 6, Mayfield finds Harrison Bryant underneath for the second time this drive for a first down.

1st & 10, Hunt runs the ball six yards as the Browns enter the redzone.

3rd & 3, Mayfield throws a dart low to TE Harrison Bryant for his second TD of the game and third catch in the drive.

Browns 17 - Bengals 17

Bengals start second half with a handoff to Bernard for a 5 yard gain.

2nd & 5, Burrow maneuvers around the pocket and finds Tyler Boyd for 15 yards.

1st & 10, Burrow off the play action finds Drew Sample for 6 yards.

2nd & 4, CB Johnson blitz off the edge and Bengal C Billy Price flagged for holding.

Injury Update: Jonah Williams and Trey Hopkins both downgraded to Out.

2nd & 9, After a neutral zone infraction by Myles Garrett, Burrow finds A.J. Green for 10 yards and a first down.

1st & 10, Burrow fumbles the snaps picks it up and run for forward for six yards.

2nd & 4, Bengals pull out a screen trick play and Bernard takes the pass from Boyd for a big gain of 16.

1st & 10, Tee Higgins take an end around to the far sideline for a 7 yard gain.

1st & Goal, Giovanni Bernard is stacked up at the LOS for no gain.

2nd & Goal, Burrow quickly to the line finds Tyler Boyd for 4 yards.

3rd & Goal, Burrow bobbles the shotgun snap, Denzel Ward knocks the ball out of A.J. Green's hands on the endzone fade.

Randy Bullock knocks in the chip shot field goal. Bengals back on top.

Bengals 20 - Browns 17

2nd & 7, After a short run by Kareem Hunt -- Mayfield finds Jarvis Landry off playaction for a three yard gain.

3rd & 3, Carl Lawson lines up offside and gives Browns new set of downs.

2nd & 10, Mayfield checks down to Kareem Hunt for a seven yard gain to end the quarter.

Fourth Quarter

3rd & 3, Mayfield finds Higgins on the far sideline for a big 21 yard gain.

1st & 10, Mayfield uses playaction rollout and finds Rashard Higgins for another 21 yard gain. Browns are in the redzone.

2nd & 7, Mayfield throws a tight spiral to TE David Njoku for a 16 yard TD. The Browns Tight Ends have stepped up big.

Mayfield after starting 0-5, has completed thirteen straight passes.

Browns 24 - Bengals 20

Burrow starts the drive with a 5 yard out route to A.J. Green.

2nd & 4, Burrow finds Tee Higgins for 10 yards and a first down.

Bengals hurry to the line and DT Sheldon Richardson tackles Bernard in the backfield for a three yard loss.

2nd & 13, Burrowns finds TE Drew Sample underneath for 14 yards and another first down.

2nd & 10, After dropped interception by Terrance Mitchell, Burrow scrambles out of bounds after a 12 yard scramble.

2nd & 10, Burrow notices the blitz and quickly gets the ball to Drew Sample for a 13 yard gain.

2nd & 10, Burrow finds A.J. Green underneath and Green make multiple defenders miss for a 10 yard gain.

2nd & 10, Burrow tosses it to Tee Higgins and Sheldrick Redwine with poor tackling lets Higgins into the endzone for 16 yard TD.

Bengals 27 - Browns 24

1st & 10, Mayfield finds Rashard Higgins off playaction again for another big gain for a first down.

1st & 10, Kareem Hunt takes the handoff and patiently follows his blockers for an 11 yard gain.

1st & 10, Stefanski pulls out another Landry trick pass and finds Donovan Peoples-Jones on the far sideline for another first down.

2nd & 8, Mayfield checks the ball down to Kareem Hunt for a 11 yard gain.

2nd & 7, Mayfield finds Hunt wide open out of the backfield for an 8 yard TD. Browns offense rolling.

Browns 31 - Bengals 27

1st & 10, Burrow finds Tee Higgins over the middle for a 12 yard gain. Higgins is shaken up on the play.

1st & 10, Burrows finds Tyler Boyd again for a 15 yard gain and another first down.

1st & 10, Burrow rolls left out of the pocket and finds WR Mike Thomas for a 25 yard catch and run.

2nd & 15, Burrow finds Tyler Boyd for a nine yard gain.

3rd & 6, the Bengals are flagged for their second false start of the drive.

3rd & 11, Burrow keeps it on a QB Draw and gains 11 yards for a first down.

1st & 10, Handoff is to Giovanni Bernard for a six yard gain as the two minute warning approaches.

2nd & 4, Bernard gets his name called again and gains nothing on the run.

Injury Update: RT Bobby Hart now on sideline.

3rd & 3, Bernard runs the ball and Browns defensive lines holds up and stomps them short of the first down marker.

4th & inches, Bernard motions in and out then beats Andrew Sendejo to the flat for a touchdown.

Bengals 34 - Browns 31

1st & 10, Mayfield avoids the sack and find Peoples-Jones for 11 yards.

1st & 10, Browns hurry to the line and finds Higgins on the near sideline who gets out of bounds. Catch is under review.

2nd & 2 (0:40 left), Mayfield finds Rashard Higgins for a play down the near sideline and completes 21 staright passes. Incredible catch by Higgins.

2nd & 10 (0:16 left), Mayfield throws his best pass of the season to Donovan Peoples-Jones for a TD to take the lead.

Cody Parkey misses the extra point to keep it a 3 point game.

Browns 37 - Bengals 34

Browns march down the field 75 yards with no timeouts.

Browns win and move to 5-2 (2-2 AFC North).

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Comments (16)
No. 1-16
Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Terrance Mitchell was given a Christmas gift and couldn't accept it. The very next play, Burrow scrambles for a first down.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Baker Mayfield has been so good since the 0-5, 1 INT start that it makes you wonder how he was ever in that position. He hasn't missed a completion since and he looks significantly more comfortable, making plays with ease. The TD pass to David Njoku was outstanding.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns down 20-17. Last time this happened entering the 4th quarter, they took total control against Washington.

It'd be nice to see that happen again.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Myles Garrett dropping into coverage... not my favorite.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Middle of the field, Mayfield fires a laser to Bryant again for the TD. Bengals are going to have to make an adjustment.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Harrison Bryant with another reception... looks great in this game. A lot of room in the middle of the field.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns come out throwing with that nice playaction concept to Harrison Bryant. Nice route to find the hole in the zone.

Second one, he just finds the open Landry. Easy reads. Good throws to open up the half.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Myles Garrett gets his 9th sack, but Bengals were able to get the lead after Burrow threads the needle on a pass to Boyd.

Browns defense is showing cracks again. Bengals taking advantage with their talented receivers.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns ran an array of different concepts in the running game. Mayfield did enough, capping it off with a TD pass to Harrison Bryant.

End arounds are not trick plays.

The flip to Landry, pitch to Hunt certainly was. I'm curious what that would've looked like if the corner didn't slip inside.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns defense continues to give up ground, but not really get beat too badly, save on the screen where the linebackers missed the read.

A blitz sees Burrow get sandwiched on 3rd and 7 for a sack from Kevin Johnson and Sheldon Richardson, forcing them to kick a field goal. It's now 10-3.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns running reasonably well, but the passing game has yet to arrive at the game. They settle for a field goal.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Myles Garrett comes through with another sack fumble... Browns take over.

Offense has not been good thus far. Need to take advantage here, reset the game a bit.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Not only an interception, but J.C. Tretter and Odell Beckham down after the play.

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Denzel Ward had an impressive drive... two PBUs and snuffed out a screen

Pete Smith
Pete Smith


Browns played solid defense that whole drive... the Bengals made plays. They didn't give up and that were able to tip up a ball for B.J. Goodson to intercept.

Game Day