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Baker Mayfield Becomes First NFL Player To Invest In CBD Company Beam

NFL players are almost always profitable off of the field for endorsements and ways for companies to grow. An interesting CBD based company has brought on Cleveland Browns quarterback to be an investor and endorser.
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Endorsement deals have long been a way for athletes or celebrities to earn money and grow their brand from a company besides the one that they work for. Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is the latest to become an investor and endorser for a CBD company called Beam. Mayfield instantly becomes the biggest face of the company right there with Danica Patrick.

Beam has an interesting approach to things and their product. Most CBD products have very small amounts of THC in them. Beam finds a way to get those small amounts out and make it just a CBD product. Beam is aiming for the CBD to be used by athletes to live healthy lifestyles. The products are focused on performance, balance, sleep and recovery. It basically becomes an aid for all of these things. Athletes endure a lot of pain, stress on the body. Anything that can help in a healthful way is a good route to go.

The NFL announced a new deal where they wouldn’t be so against marijuana use, that players could actually fail for THC use and not be suspended or anything like that. But, with Beam Mayfield will not have to cross that bridge.

Mayfield is only in his third NFL season, already a very marketable person. Mayfield has deals with Progressive, Hulu, Nissan, Bose, Bodyarmor, Panini, Nike and HydroHoist. The Browns quarterback also invests in multiple other brands such as PumpJack DataWorks, Legends and Goodmylk.

This comes off as a smart move as many people are uneducated about the positives that CBD products can bring you. Working with Beam he will help them grow the brand obviously, benefit from the products themselves and potentially bring on more athletes in the future.