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Baker Mayfield’s Wife Shares Post Defending Him, But Conversation Could Ensue

The Cleveland Browns quarterbacks shared AJ Instagram post that may have been a bit much.

The Cleveland Browns won 13-10 over the Detroit Lions in week 11. It was not a pretty win by any means, but you will take those in the NFL. Especially if you are a team like the Browns and have dealt with your fair share of injured players.

Baker Mayfield is one player that is currently injured, but he’s fighting through it. Many players likely would have folded and missed extended time, but Mayfield is pushing through it until he can’t it seems. Following the win over the Lions Mayfield did not talk to the media for the first time in his NFL career. There is question to why Mayfield did it, perhaps he was not happy with his play on the day. 

Emily Mayfield, the wife of the Browns quarterback shared an interesting post on her Instagram story.


There is no questioning that Mayfield has played through the injuries this year. He has missed just one game when he could have had season ending surgery if he wanted to, but that’s not Mayfield.

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Emily Mayfield is always going to defend their husband. That is just the nature of marriage and loving someone, you want to see them do their best and you’re going to backup anything that is not their best. Celebrity couples can do it as well as the average couple.

The only problem here is that the last sentence could be seen as a dig at other players on the Browns’ team. There are players on the team playing injured, showing toughness like Mayfield is. Sure, he is potentially the most injured and plays the most critical position in the game. Both can be true.

Guys like Myles Garrett, Jadeveon Clowney, Nick Chubb, Greedy Williams and even rookie Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah have played through the pain of injury this year. None of these guys are 100% and have showed up on the injury reports.

This statement from Emily could be seen as a dig due to the fact there are guys pushing through things themselves. If the locker room is as close knit as it has been in the past a comment like this will do nothing. On the other hand a player could approach Baker about such comments.

Majority of the NFL players have their own significant others at home that support them and would likely do the same for them. Maybe doing it publicly is not the best idea, nor is it a good idea to compare. At the end of the day Mayfield gutting through things is great, but he’s not the only one to ever play injured. 

Brandon Little is a writer for Sports Illustrated’s Browns Digest website and you can follow him on Twitter here. You can follow Browns Digest on Twitter as well here.